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November 22 Female Wrestling Event Report

All Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows throughout the years have started with a bang so there is always immense pressure on the first two girls who enter the Ring of Pain.

But if Ivy Rain and Tamsin were feeling any pressure, they most certainly didn’t show it as the two young and immensely popular beauties exploded into action right from the opening bell and entertained the lucky crowd right to the close!

They have both built up armies of admirers for their ever improving skills and determination and it was easy to see why as they rolled around on the canvas looking to get the advantage over one another.

And at one stage in the opening round, it seemed as if one of these gorgeous grapplers had asserted her authority as she raced into a healthy lead and looked like she could run away with it.

But you should never bet against any of the determined women on the MWC roster as the frontrunner was suddenly pegged back as her determined rival fought her way back into it!

The match was being fought at a breathless pace and the submissions started to flow freely, the initiative going one way and then the other as Ivy and Tamsin demonstrated their ability in glorious style.

They both attacked like there was no tomorrow, hitting moves such as body scissors, breast smothers, head locks, arm bars, head scissors and combination holds which were having the desired effect.

In terms of the scoreline, one of these started to run away with it but both Ivy and Tamsin kept on fighting hard and they were both enjoying success as a result of that hard work.

While there was an eventual clear winner, this pulsating battle set the tone for the rest of the immense event. Their post fight arm wrestle was a treat too!

The second contest of the November 2022 Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event was a thrilling battle between the old and the relatively new!

Jaki was making a very welcome return to MWC and the live shows and the way she was greeted by the lucky crowd in attendance demonstrated that she has been away too long and has been sorely missed.

But she was not being given an easy return as she was up against the dynamite fighter that is Miss Vox! She was last here at the March live event and made such a great impression we had to get her back here as quickly as possible!

Jaki had a size advantage but she soon discovered that Miss Vox is up for any challenge - big or small - and she was clearly up for this one.

We were treated to two tough, strong and skilful ladies who battled their way all over the Ring Of Pain looking to make a mark and get a hugely impressive win under their belts.

They are blessed with incredible talent and they weren't shy about showing these off as we saw arm bars, guillotines, head locks, head scissors, leg scissors and a whole lot more from both Jaki and Miss Vox’s lockers.

At one stage we were even treated to an impromptu lift and carry (along with a spin) as one of the ladies found herself hitting the heights in an unexpected manner!

Like in the opening match, one of the ladies managed to open up a healthy lead only to find herself being pegged back by her determined rival!

The scores were tight going into the final round and, as the referee himself mentioned, we were expecting a scorcher of a finale and we weren't disappointed! A truly enthralling contest from start to finish

If ever two wrestlers appearing at a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live show epitomised the saying “they need no introduction”, then it is these two!

Swedish blonde beauty Lina and England’s ravishing redhead Inferno have graced and lit up many a live show down the years and their stellar performances as wrestlers have earned them an incredibly loyal following.

Surprisingly enough, this was the first time they were actually battling one another in the Ring of Pain at a live show so we could tell they were ready, as always, to get it on and fight it out. Well, that was once they’d finished a little conversation about Abba ahead of the opening round!

But fighting is what these much loved and hugely respected stars are all about and neither Lina or Inferno let us down on that front as they engaged in a pulsating, fast paced encounter which proved each knows her was around a wrestling ring!

The pendulum shifted one way and then the other as they demonstrated they are at the top of their game both in terms of their attacking ability and their ability to withstand the other’s offensive manoeuvres.

There were head locks, arm bars, ankle locks, body scissors, head scissors, combination holds, incredible escapes and a whole load of flexibility on display.

Unlike the other matches, there weren’t as many submissions but the ones that eventually arrived saw the initiative go from one lady to the other.

You could see Inferno and Lina were giving it all and it was impossible to predict who was going to come out on top of this one as they fought hard and long right until the very last bell.

There was a narrow winner in the end but both of these legends were given well deserved ovations for their incredible efforts. Even the post match arm wrestle was fiercely contested!

In stark contest to the previous match, the fourth match at Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s November 2022 live event saw two relative novices strut their stuff in the Ring of Pain.

We love seeing new faces as much as we enjoy welcoming back the popular regulars so it was thrilling to see Nika make her debut in front of a crowd, who were eager to see what she would bring to the table.

Her rival was the powerful Yui who herself has only ever appeared at one event previously. But she had been a sheer joy there so she was a very welcome returnee!

And there were certainly no nerves on show for either of these two as they launched into a hard fought match and announced to those watching that they were two strong and determined wrestlers!

And, boy, did they turn out impressive performances! Both Nika and Yui were fighting hard and it immediately turned into a hard fought and tough contest as they looked to secure an impressive win.

We were treated to a whole host of moves including head locks, head scissors, body scissors, arm bars, grapevine pins and combination holds which started to pay off for both fighters.

As time went on though, one of these warriors started to pull away and take control. But despite this, her rival didn’t crumble and give in and continued to fight as hard as she could looking to get back into the contest.

The match was contested in a great spirit but you could also see the intensity painted all over their pretty faces as they battled long and hard from the start to the finish. You would never have guessed that they were newcomers to the scene!

Both Nika and Yui delighted, with one emerging as a proud winner. The post fight arm wrestle didn't disappoint either.

After an interval, we wanted to kick off the second half of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s November 2022 live event with a humdinger and we most certainly weren’t disappointed!

Both Miss Vox and Inferno delighted the lucky crowd in the classics they had taken part in during the first half of the show so it seemed sensible to put them against one another in order for them to produce a stone cold classic in this half!

Both are super talented, have immense power and are extremely stubborn when they find themselves cornered so it’s no surprise this turned out to be the pulsating contest we were expecting when they squared off in the Ring of Pain.

The wrestling was of the highest quality as we’ve come to expect from these two beauties but their resistance to some extremely painful looking holds was as equally impressive - showing the true heart they have.

Inferno and Miss Vox battled hard all over the ring and seemed to cover every single inch of the canvas as they were locked together in combat.

There were head scissors, arm bars, head locks, body scissors, ankle locks and combination holds galore as each gave it all they had in pursuit of an impressive victory.

You could hear the gasps from the audience as they sat in awe watching Miss Vox and Inferno duke it out in a super skilled, technical and extremely exciting contest which seemed to fly by at super speed!

As the match wore on, one of these beauties started to get a grip in terms of building up a healthy amount of submissions but that doesn’t tell half the story as she was made to work hard for each and every single one.

An incredibly fabulous contest fought hard but in an exceptional sporting spirit by two incredible athletes.

In the sixth contest of the thrilling Monica’s Wrestling Centre November 2022 live show, we saw the return of debutant Nika who had wowed in her debut battle earlier.

By comparison Ivy Rain is a veteran and has built up her vast array of fans through some incredible performances in a fairly short space of time! But, yet again, Nika made a mockery of the ‘novice’ tag as she gave yet another impressive account of herself in the Ring of Pain.

Both beauties are strong, have bundles of talent, curves in the right places and a desire to perform for the fans and that is exactly the outcome we got here as both Nika and Ivy delighted once again.

There were plenty of class moves being performed including body scissors, breast smothers, arm bars, head locks, roll up pins and combination holds and they were bringing the joy through submissions.

They were so immersed in the thrilling contest and this was giving off vibes to the crowd who were clearly enjoying themselves!

At one stage, one of these battlers looked to be struggling with an injury but impressively, she just shook that off and continued to produce at the exceptionally high standard she had already been treating us all to.

It wasn't all serious though. At one stage, Ivy’s hair got wrapped around Nika’s leg - don't ask how. We haven't quite worked that one out for ourselves!

But they were there to fight and that’s most certainly what they did. Eventually one of them built up a healthy lead which prompted spirited attempts by her rival to try to narrow the gap.

By the end, both were exhausted from the impressive and hard efforts they had put in to this memorable encounter. Something they took with them into the post match arm wrestle!

Like with any contact sport, there is always a chance of one of the brilliant athletes picking up an injury as they perform at a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live show.

And sadly that is what happened here in this encounter between beauties Yur and Tamsin Riley as an untimely knee injury unfortunately curtailed the final round of the match as these two were going at it.

But that wasn't before the pair had treated us to some excellent action in the Ring of Pain as they looked to chalk up an impressive victory for their resumes!

These curvy beauties had both been involved in tough matches in the first half so it seemed right to put them in a tough fight against one another!

And, clearly, neither needed a second invitation to fight as they both went at it with great gusto and steely determination.

The effort, desire and heart were there for all to see and these efforts started paying off handsomely for one of the girls as her hard work enabled her to take some control of the contest.

We had seem them locked together and rolling around on the canvas, exchanging body scissors, head locks, roll up pins, head scissors and arm bars amongst others.

Both Yui and Tamsin don’t have much live show experience under their belts but you would never have thought it just by looking at them as they worked a treat in the squared circlet the delight of all of us watching.

Sadly, as we buckled ourselves in for a great final round, fate intervened and the injury meant the match had to be cut short prematurely.

But Yuri and Tamsin both made their marks, not just in this match but during the whole event. They’ll be back!

We always look to sign off a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live show with a pulsating contest to send the punters home happy and we most certainly delivered with this unbelievable battle! Pairing beautiful warriors Jaki and Lina off against one another was a classic that was always waiting to happen and they didn’t disappoint - delivering the goods in one of the greatest battles witnessed in the Ring of Pain. Both are powerful veterans who possess immense ability which they quickly demonstrated to serve up the wrestling feast. Jaki and Lina went at it hammer and tongs and the advantage went one way and then the other with tap outs flowing like water as they looked to leave everything they had on the canvas. It was just pure wrestling joy from the blonde and brunette and the broad smiles in between points showed they were enjoying it as much as we were as we watched, open mouthed sitting on the edge of our seats outside the ring.

There were vicious arm bars, head scissors, guillotines, body scissors, ankle locks, an array of pins and combination holds which brought about the desired impact of submissions. We were two scared to even blink in case we missed one of Lina and Jaki doing something breathtakingly brilliant! We couldn’t have asked for any more as the two powerhouses went into the final throes of conflict level pegging and with it all to fight for. Whoever won this one was going to have to dig deep and deliver even more than they already had. It seemed a shame that either could end up defeated and, alas, one of the ladies managed to edge ahead to secure a truly impressive victory. Jaki and Lina ensured the hugely successful event finished on an incredible high! there really needs to be a rematch between these two!

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