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Nika Humiliates Bert- Rematch

The last time these two met, smiling assassin Nika spent a lot of time laughing at bungling Bert’s futile efforts in trying to wrestle her on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

And clearly nothing has changed in terms of how hilarious Nika things he is as he makes an ill-advised bid for revenge in this rematch in the MWC Ring of Pain.

He only has to jump over the ropes and into the squared circle to leave Nika giggling and the laughter only intensifies as he attempts a clumsy attack, only to miss his rival and leave himself open to her attacks.

But, despite the humour, Nika’s skills and power are no joke and while she might have a grin on her face and funny insults to fire at him, the agony she brings when she let’s her wrestling loose is serious!

Bert is immediately reacquainted with the strength of her shapely thighs as he finds his head being squeezed as if it is in a vice.