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Nika Dominates Bert

Poor Bert! It can’t be easy for him whenever he steps on to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats only to get his backside kicked by one of the bevy of beauties on our roster.

But it must be even worse when one of the said bevy of beauties bursts out laughing in his face before they’ve exchanged even the simplest of headlocks in battle!

That is exactly what he suffers here as gorgeous Nika seems to break out into a fit of giggles at Bert’s belief that he stands a chance in this clash between the pair of them.

It’s an infectious laugh - unless you are Bert of course - but never let that fool you. Nika is a powerful and very talented wrestler and, no matter how hearty her laugh or how wide the smile she is there to do a job.

And she soon takes down Bert to get to work on him while he is left shocked and in immediate difficulties from the quick attack!

While the laughter continues, wrestling is no joke to Nika and Bert finds himself immediately trapped in a tight schoolgirl pin and left listening to the taunts from his confident rival.

In the blink of an eye, the pin is turned into face sit and then a head scissor and arm bar combination - all of which leave Bert floundering from this skilful scrapper’s speedy attacks!

He suffers more of course as Nika traps him in more head scissors, camel clutches, head locks, smothers, tramples, body scissors, a variety of pins and combination holds as the desperate tap outs fill the MWC arena air!

The smile rarely leaves her face throughout, although it is of course no joke to Bert who is left nursing the serious aches and pains as he lays flat out under his celebrating conquerer!

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