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Nairobi vs Supernova

When you put two strong and skilled fighters in the a tight space such as Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room then you just know you are in for a super intense battle!

And make no mistake, Nairobi and Supernova just wanted to fight. There was no doubting the respect between them but you could see straight away that the two of them were keen on showing off their ability and making the other suffer!

They spent no time at all in getting down to the action. Supernova has an obvious size advantage but Nairobi just wasn’t fazed by this in the slightest and it soon became clear this would be a close and hard fought match between the two.

Both beauties were giving their all right from the get go and it resulted in some back and forth action with every inch of the small room being utilised as they fought.

It took some serious effort to bring about the first, reluctantly conceded, submission with an arm bar that was certainly felt by the victim!

But this was merely a small taste of what was to come as Nairobi and Supernova went all out looking for those tap outs to earn a very satisfying victory.

They got each other in body scissors, head locks, arm bars, head scissors, camel clutches, leg locks and combination holds - some of which brought them the success they craved.

Given the effort they were putting in, they were soon glistening in sweat but that didn’t stop them fighting hard right to the very end.

The back and forth nature of the match meant it was hard to predict which of Nairobi or Supernova was going to emerge victorious - and boy was the winner delighted with her success in stark contrast to her frustrated foe!

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