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Nairobi Destroys Andrew - Rematch

Not content with the beatdown he received at gorgeous Nairobi’s hands the first time around, Andrew decides to come back for more and challenge her to a rematch!

While she is contently strutting her stuff alone in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain, he comes bouncing into the ring ready for the rematch.

“Did you not learn from the other time that you don’t belong here?” Nairobi understandably asks as Andrew gives his usual dose of bravado about what he intends to do to her in the squared circle!

She tries to convince his to try alternative pursuits that might suit his skill set - such as knitting! - but he doesn’t seem interested so if it is a beatdown he doesn’t want, it’s a beatdown Nairobi is determined to give him!

In the blink of an eye, he finds himself caught in her vicious head lock and body scissor combination and clearly in trouble. Things don’t get any better as she immediately gets him in a school girl pin before applying an arm bar.

Nairobi’s trash talking matches her skills as a wrestler and beauty as a woman and she hits him with plenty of verbals as she takes him apart!

But it is the physical pain she exerts which does the most damage of course and Andrew experiences her body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, head locks, school girl pins, breast smothers and combination holds which all have the impact she wanted!

Unsurprisingly, Andrew has very little to fight back with and all his dreams of exacting revenge for the first beatdown she gave him are shattered before he really got going. It seems an even bigger beatdown than their first encounter!

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