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Nairobi Destroys Andrew

Our hapless hero Andrew really never learns his lessons. After each beatdown, each battering, each chastening defeat at the hands of one of the beauties on Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s roster, you’d expect him to be humbled.

But no, not him! He not only comes back for more but adds bit of spicy trash talk to the proceedings no matter how superior the opponent standing in front of him is.

His latest winner is the proclamation of “This will take five minutes” which he utters to the super sexy and strong Nairobi who is only to delighted to show him the foolishness of his ways on the mats.

She has taken on and beaten some seriously talented wrestlers in her career so Andrew represented little more than chicken feed to a woman of her considerable talents.

Nairobi soon had him scrambling in a headlock before taking him down to the ground where she could inflict even more damage on him.

His increasingly strained insults continued for a while but reality bites hard when that reality is being represented by someone tough and determined like Nairobi!

But nothing would have hurt more than when Andrew was able to get some body scissors applied on her and she simply laughed in his face! There’s a dented ego for sure!

It wasn’t all laughs though. Nairobi trapped him in body scissors, head locks, camel clutches, schoolgirl pins, arm bars, head scissors and combination holds which make him moan and groan in pain and tap out desperately!

She accompanied most of this physical punishment with some harsh verbals too and the match must have felt like five hours long for Andrew, never mind five minutes!

Nairobi broke him with ease and he was left battered and totally humiliated as he lay under her victory pose at the end!

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