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There aren’t many guarantees in life but you can sure as hell bet your house that a Monica’s Wrestling Centre party will rock your grappling socks off!

A gang of gorgeous girls and lots of lucky lads came together for the latest bash which enabled them to enjoy all the fun and frolics only an event like this can produce - and that is wonderful wrestling and hilarious games.

Summer might be now behind us and colder weather creeping in, but the temperatures were positively sizzling inside MWC for the September party.

Naturally, the star attraction is always the lovely ladies who never fail to deliver and this time was no different as the eclectic gang of newbies, veterans, British and European hotties who got together to thrill the boys proved.

The Referee introduced them one by one and you can tell by the cheers emanating from the lucky boys they were excited about what was in store for them.

Ravishing regulars Cheetah, Galya, Tamsin Riley, Rosie, Yui, Axel, Madame Vanquish and - later in the evening, London were always going to be welcomed warmly.

But there was an equal amount of love for exciting newbies Iza and April Paisley as well as the returning beauty Rapunzel. Now, that is what you call an amazing line-up!

As is now a tradition, The Referee got things started by leading the girls into a pre-party warm up but this time, it was a little more comedic than usual - there were a few blank expressions on the girls’ faces as he told them what to do!

But normality quickly resumed when they were sent out of the Ring of Pain and set about wreaking havoc on the guys in attendance by getting them in a schoolgirl pin - a taste of things to come!

And so it began. Lots of couples finding space in every nook and cranny they could find in the venue to have a mixed wrestle session.

This included the Ring Of Pain, the regular mats, walkways - it wouldn’t have come as a surprise if you’d walked into the toilet and found two people fighting in there!

The guys and girls engaged in one on ones, two against ones, even a three again one (brave chap!) as well as arm wrestles. Dirty tactics went well with the skilled wrestling too in some cases. The main thing though is it was all entertaining.

There were certainly plenty of laughs and smiling faces throughout the evening. If we mention the name Chicken Boy Dave, then you’ll understand who was being laughed at the most and why (we love you really, Chicken Boy!)!

Of course, there was also the traditional games that really lift the event. Only those who have had the life squeezed out of them in the ‘Scissor Circle’ or been face sat in the rather different kind of ‘Musical Chairs’ will be able to testify about their thrilling uniqueness!

As we continue to deal with the serious and depressing issues that vanilla life can bring to our tables, it’s great to be able to kick back and enjoy such incredible parties that live long in the memories of those who were there.

And if you’re in the camp of those were weren’t there then…you missed a treat! Luckily for you we captured the magic across all these clips so you can enjoy the party games, the brilliant banter and the fabulous mixed wrestling sessions that showed the ladies at their talented best.

Don’t miss out when the MWC Party wagon rolls back into town at Christmas!

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