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MWC Party July 2023 Report

The weather during British summers is notoriously temperamental, at best, but if there is a place where it’s guaranteed to be scorching hot it’s Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

And temperatures go soaring even more than usual when it’s the summer party where loads of lucky men get to groove into the night alongside talented, gorgeous female wrestlers who truly are in the mood to have some serious fun!

When we mention music pumping and tasty food and drink on offer, it sounds just like any other party but - of course - this is anything but with some awesome grappling delight going on all over the venue!

The Referee was on hand to introduce the girls taking part on this occasion and suggested that the clutch of newbies might be a ‘bit nervous’. But are wrestling ladies ever nervous about kicking the backsides of men on the mats?!

The newbies in question came in the form of beauties Nairobi, Lyla and Epiphany Jones and it was obvious the punters were keen to give them an MWC party welcome.

They were joined by the likes of luscious lovelies such as Autumn Rose, Divine Domino, Rosie, Yui and London. Later during the night, extra treats came in the shape of fan favourites Spice, Tamsin Riley and Alora Lux which seriously added to the fun!

After The Referee had called them out one by one, he led them into the now traditional warm up routine which was more like a boogie in the middle of the Ring Of Pain, to the tune of The Village People’s YMCA.

Once that was done, the girls were unleashed on to the men, who were greeted with a face sit - surely worth the admission price alone!

And that set it all off! You had mixed wrestling battles happening in every inch of mat or ring canvas that was available. Many of the guys, of course, found themselves being outclassed and torn apart by the rampant fighters.

But there were also some exciting and fairly competitive duels taking place with both the lad and the lady doing their utmost to get submissions on their new found rival.

This was highlighted the most in a special feature which saw regular guest Fritz take on Autumn Rose in a challenge by which he had 10 minutes to beat her 10-0!

It all came about after a rather proud boast by him on social media, which was readily accepted by awesome Autumn. A great match ensured and one you certainly won’t want to miss!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without some of the fun games and we were well served here with the ever-popular ‘Scissor Circle’ in which the girls battle to prove who has the strongest scissor by testing them out on some male volunteers.

Likewise, the Musical Chairs reworking which involves the ladies vying to sit on an available man’s face when the music stops is always a treat for all - especially those guys who volunteered their faces for the competition!

Throughout the night, whatever was taking place, there was a lot of laughter and smiles on faces as Monica and the girls once again delivered the best party in London and beyond!

There is a reason why so many guys keep coming back to enjoy one of the most essential nights in the wrestling calendar. If you missed out then aren’t you unlucky!

But fortunately, all the main action and fun has been captured across these seven fantastic clips which means you can either re-live what you enjoyed or see what you missed out on! Enjoy!

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