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MWC Party - Dec 2021 Report

Christmas most definitely came early for a bunch of ultra lucky chaps who got themselves golden tickets to the hottest bash in town - Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mixed Wrestling Party!

There was a true festive feel to this final party of the year as a dozen of the best and most beautiful girls in the business came in the mood for dancing, wrestling and kicking some serious butt inside the venue.

And the gang of 12 certainly offered something for everyone and the whole crowd was buzzing as The Referee introduced each and every one of them to them once he had gone over the housekeeping rules for the punters.

We had London, Cheetah, Gabi, Rosie, Havocc, Tamsin, Ruby, Axel, Yui, Inferno, Gabriella and Madame Vanquish with one or two latecomers joining later on such as Kassidy!