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MWC Party - Dec 2021 Report

Christmas most definitely came early for a bunch of ultra lucky chaps who got themselves golden tickets to the hottest bash in town - Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mixed Wrestling Party!

There was a true festive feel to this final party of the year as a dozen of the best and most beautiful girls in the business came in the mood for dancing, wrestling and kicking some serious butt inside the venue.

And the gang of 12 certainly offered something for everyone and the whole crowd was buzzing as The Referee introduced each and every one of them to them once he had gone over the housekeeping rules for the punters.

We had London, Cheetah, Gabi, Rosie, Havocc, Tamsin, Ruby, Axel, Yui, Inferno, Gabriella and Madame Vanquish with one or two latecomers joining later on such as Kassidy!

While they looked fully loaded and ready to wrestle, it is customary for The Referee to put them through their paces and warm them up just to make sure they are in tip top shape for all the fun and frolics that are to follow.

However, as entertaining as that was, it was nothing compared to what followed as the badass babes became a Christmas choir, belting out Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody” with great gusto!

But above all else, they were there to wrestle and they were soon sent away to do the famous meet and greet which involves them rushing out of the Ring of Pain, grabbing a guy and introducing themselves with a rather delightful face sit!

And then they were well and truly off grabbing the guys who wanted to roll around with them and wrestling them in any space available either in the ring or on the mats. It was difficult to walk around without tripping over a girl putting a guy through the wrestling grinder!

There were two on one battles, competitive and close matches but mostly brutal beatdowns as the talented girls demonstrated their immense power and skill set for the lucky men.

There was a lot of squeezing and smothering going on with body scissors, head scissors, face sits and breast smothers being performed all over the shop. That’s before we even mention the arm wrestling and bondage!

But Monica’s Wrestling Centre parties are especially famous for the hilarious and inventive games and there were plenty of those during this Christmas bash!

These included an interesting scissor challenge where the girls were put in a race to see who could get their victim to tap out first when they squeezed those powerful legs.

Another saw Ruby take on Dr Tickle in the challenge involving discs and a lot of running around in the ring!

There was also the now famous reaction game which pits the girls against the boys as they try to grab the cones first.

And, of course, there is the greatest version of ‘musical chairs’ which sees the ladies racing to plant their delightful derrieres on a lucky victim’s face once the music stops!

Everyone was having an incredible time and all the while, the festive tunes were pumping out the stereo and the food and drink was flowing with people getting into the Christmas spirit in the best possible way.

It’s been another tough year but this party certainly helped end it on an incredible wrestling high for all those who were involved.

If you were unlucky enough to miss out then, fear not! You can enjoy the experience yourself with these incredible clips capturing all the magic of the night. Merry Christmas and a happy new year indeed!

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