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MWC Mixed Party - July 2022

Summer has been glorious this year but the one thing it was missing was an ass-kicking party to really get everyone feeling the vibes of the season.

This is where Monica’s Wrestling Centre came in when it hosted one of its hotly anticipated bash’s that saw the beautiful badass babes kicking butt, lucky guys having the time of their lives, music pumping and good food and drink flowing!

A spanner was thrown in the works with problems with the railways which hampered people’s ability to even make the trip over to take part in the shenanigans.

But it takes a lot more than travel problems to stop MWC in its tracks and sure enough there were enough determined wrestlers and punters to make it another memorable event that was enjoyed by all those present.

For this party, it was the one and only Chicken Boy Dave taking over as the master of ceremonies - which made a change of his usual role of being the master of receiving beatdowns at the hands of the ever-willing ladies!

He promptly thanked everyone who negotiated the disaster with the train timetables and set about introducing the beauties one by one into Monica’s Ring Of Pain.

As usual we were treated to an array of talent from the United Kingdom as well as a sprinkling of sassy sexy scrappers from the continent.

Those representing the home countries were the delightful group of Alora Lux, Axel, Havocc, Inferno, Rosie, Tamsin Riley who came out one by one to many cheers and huge appreciation from the crowd. They were later joined by lovely London.

An extra special treat saw the return after five long years of ravishing Rapunzel who, judging by the response, has been sorely missed by these party!

The exquisite European contingent were made up of Italy’s Lara, Germany’s Warrior Amazon and the Hungarian duo of Princess Nikki and Orsi B!

After posing for group photos, Chicken Boy led them in the now customary energetic work out session to help them get all limbered up and fully prepared for the night’s fun wrestling shenanigans!

After that vigorous warm up routine, they were sent out of the Ring of Pain and ordered to find willing victims to punish - all in the name of party frolics, of course.

Soon, the ring and mats were occupied by the talented wrestlers showing off their skills and handing the men their butts in some exceptional wrestling mini sessions.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an MWC party without some MWC party games and they came in the form of the Scissor Circle, which tests the power of the ladies’ legs at the expense of four willing victims.

There was also the Musical Face Sitting (a wrestling take on the rather more boring Musical Chairs) where the girls competed to end up with their bums on the face of the last man on the mats!

And the amazing wrestling continued at a pace too with some duels even giving one or two of the men a chance to have their impressive moments and turn the tables on the usually dominant women!

All in all, it was yet another memorable and glorious party. As well as immense joy and fun, it showed how people are determined to have a great time no matter what hurdles are put in their way!

If you weren’t able to make it - you missed an amazing treat! But fear not as these glorious clips have captured the very essence of the night and are evidence as to why there ain’t no party like an MWC party!

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