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MWC Live Event November 2021 Report

Just like 2020, this year has been tough. But if there is one jubilant, life-affirming event guaranteed to put a big smile on the faces of every wrestling fan around, it’s a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event!

And boy was the final one of this year a phenomenal success as a group of the most talented and beautiful girls around stepped into the Ring of Pain to delight a thrilled crowd with their immense talents!

Unfortunately, a couple of ladies were unable to make it due to last minute issues but those that did make it simply ramped up the excitement and went the extra mile to make up the difference!

We had some fresh new talent, experienced favourites, English roses and exquisite Eastern Europeans - a mix which created a thrilling female wrestling cocktail!

There was the welcome returns of red hot Inferno and sexy Storm, the beautiful Bulgarian buddies Gabi and Cheetah and the utterly gorgeous and ever improving Rosie and Ivy Rain making up a tasty card of eight supreme matches.

None of them let the audience down and they certainly left everything they had between the ropes with some hard fought wrestling.

And - in what has fast become a regular favourite part of the event - the combatants took part in arm wrestles after each and every contest just to add some bonus physicality to the proceedings!

The girls were electric and the lucky audience was feeding off them to create a wonderful atmosphere and send everyone into the festive period and towards the new year with massive smiles on their faces. We cannot wait for next year!

If you were one of the unfortunate ones to miss out, then don’t panic! All the action in each and every battle was captured in these brilliant clips which are a must for your wrestling collections.

Match 1 - Gabi v Storm

We always love to kick off our fantastic MWC live shows with an exciting classic and we certainly hit the target with this incredible encounter between two top talents!

Beautiful Bulgarian Gabi faced off in Monica’s Ring of Pain against the exquisite English Storm in a battle of a pair of powerful, skilful and experienced performers who never fail to impress.

Everyone watching just knew this was going to be an intense, hard fought encounter and we were certainly not disappointed as the gorgeous girls delivered big time.

It was a back and forth battle with both Gabi and Storm enjoying success while displaying their immense ability from the first bell to the very last.

They went straight at it and, while the match was fought in a great spirit, there was intensity and a will to win on the faces of both of these warriors.

It was Storm who struck first with a punishing body scissor that Gabi had no option but to tap out of.

However, the Eastern European was not fazed by this and a crushing head scissor ensured things were level by the end of the first round.

Things didn’t ease up as the match wore on either and the lucky crowd was treated to some outstanding wrestling including head locks, arm bars, body scissors, grapevines, combination holds and even a hard takedown which had everyone gasping in awe!

The initiative went one way and then the other as both Storm and Gabi struck to secure well-earned submissions.

No-one dared to predict what the final outcome would be as both of these fighters were more than capable of the victory!

In the end, there was a winner but it was mighty close! A fantastic way to start the show. The now customary arm wrestle was a lot more decisive though!

Match 2 Inferno v Ivy Rain

Following such a classic first match was always going to be a challenge but these two brilliant beauties really knocked the ball out of the park in a breathtaking encounter!

The second fight saw a welcome return to live wrestling show action of the red hot Inferno, taking on the ever improving exquisite Ivy Rain in a mouthwatering encounter.

And they were both certainly ready to send the temperatures soaring amongst the crowd, even if they were a little apprehensive of the cold canvas of Monica’s Ring of Pain!

It didn’t take long for them to warm up and the action was thrilling right from the get go as they traded scissors and locks rolling round the ring looking for an early advantage.

First blood was drawn by Inferno at a time when it looked like she was in trouble from Ivy’s body scissor, which she somehow reversed and turned into a backbreaker.

Fabulous Ivy was soon back in it though when she used her assets to hit back with a breast smother and grapevine pin combination! Game well and truly on!

And my word, it just did not let up! We saw body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, breast smothers, camel clutches, head locks, combinations, inventive moves and a lot of stubborn resistance when lesser girls might have quit!

Both Inferno and Ivy Rain were enjoying the match and securing plenty of submissions which added to the thrill of the contest.

Of course, there were a couple of laughs along the way - not least with an inadvertent tap out on one of the girl’s breasts!

But the wrestling was serious, super exciting and skilful and a total joy to watch right to the very end of the contest.

Everyone was delighted by Inferno and Ivy and even their post match arm wrestle was as competitive and even as the fight itself!

Match 3 Cheetah v Storm

The third contest of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s fabulous November 2021 show saw another Bulgaria v England clash of the gorgeous grapplers!

Sensational Storm was back and this time faced off against the second Eastern European hotties in the shape of wildcat Cheetah.

Now, the English babe obviously has a vast amount of experience under her belt in comparison to her rival and has honed her skills over many years.

But if you thought that was going to phase Cheetah - who is getting better and better with every second she spends on the mats - then you would have been badly mistaken!

They went at each other right away and the action was fast paced as they struggled and battled over the canvas trying to get the advantage over the other with many attempted moves thwarted by the other.

However, after the rush of intensity, it was Storm who struck first with a nasty looking headlock which gave Cheetah no choice but to submit to despite her desire not to!

When Storm doubled her lead after some more hard fought wrestling, you started to fear the worst for Cheetah as her older opponent’s experience seemed to be telling.

But you can never write off a hell cat and she soon roared back to remind Storm she was in one hell of a fight with a vicious head lock of her own!

And the sheer quality of the bout continued at an extremely high level with the crowd treated to arm bars, body scissors, head scissors, head locks, grapevines and combination holds.

Equally impressive was both ladies resistance to pain - call them stubborn or a pair of badasses but their desire not to give in was immense!

By the end, there was a clear winner but both of these knew they’d been in a battle before engaging in a fun arm wrestle after!

Match 4 Inferno v Rosie

As The Referee himself said, there has been a welcome influx of fresh, exciting, young new wrestlers to the roster of Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

And one of those - in the shape of ravishing Rosie - made her first appearance in the MWC November Live Show to close out the first half against the incredible Inferno!

Blonde Rosie has bags of raw potential and is already making her mark but she found herself up against one of the best and experienced in the business in the form of Inferno so this was going to be a tough challenge.

But she clearly wasn't daunted and was as keen as her illustrious opponent to get it on and show the excited crowd what she has got.

Sure enough, it was Inferno who was quickest out the starting blocks but she soon found Rosie wasn’t just there to make up the numbers and was prepared to go toe to toe with her.

However, the redhead was in a determined mood and she struck first and early to get the opening couple of submissions under her belt.

But just in case Inferno was expecting a walk in the park, Rosie soon body scissored that notion out of her by claiming her first tap out of the day in fine style!

And that set us up very nicely indeed as the pair rolled around executing painful looking holds which either yielded the sought after submissions or resulted in some impressive defensive work.

It was a fight full of action, spirit, incredible wrestling moves and pure entertainment for the excited audience! Oh, and we got to see how bendy and flexible both of these girls actually are!

Both Inferno and Rosie delivered big time after giving it their all. We did get a decisive winner in the end, although the post match arm wrestle was a bit different!

Match 5 Storm v Ivy Rain

The mid-show interval did nothing to dampen the excitement of all of those present at the Monica’s Wrestling Centre November bash and the action resumed with another cracker.

The ever improving beauty Ivy Rain was given her second serious test against a tough experience fighter in the shape of sexy Storm and we were all licking our lips in anticipation as to how this one would turn out.

And the action was exciting as soon as they locked up and started battling all over the canvas trying to get an advantage.

Both these girls have power and they were keen to get their strong arms and legs in action, trapping each other in head locks, head scissors and body scissors and really putting the squeeze on.

The initiative went one way then the next and this was borne out in how Storm struck first to earn a tap out, only for a determined Ivy to come roaring back to level the scores. This pattern continued as the first round progressed.

Another element of their talents is their sheer bloody minded resilience and they demonstrated how they can take some serious punishment by not giving up at the first sign of pain and fighting their way out of predicaments.

The wrestling was excellent and fought out in a great spirit but that didn’t stop the odd underhand tactic being employed - pulling hair to see if The Referee is still awake? Naughty naughty!

Storm and Ivy continued to trade submissions with breast smothers, head and body scissors, arm bars, head locks and combination holds.

As the match wore on, one of the ladies finally started to get a clear advantage over the other!

It was yet another phenomenal match - with the added bonus of a decisive arm wrestle of course - that you simply must see!

Match 6 Cheetah v Gabi

Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows often have a tasty Eastern European flavour to them with the beautiful babes from the continent doing their thing in the Ring of Pain!

So what better way to celebrate their contributions by pitting two of them against each other in a Battle of the Bulgarians!

Wildcat Cheetah continues to impress and delight and is developing into a serious force to be reckoned with as she gets more and more vital experience under her belt.

But she faced a serious challenge against her super strong compatriot Gabi who had a clear size and experience advantage over Cheetah!

However, we all know that Cheetah is a true fighter and the girl has never ducked a challenge in her life and she enthusiastically went after Gabi as soon as the opening bell sounded. She was quick, slippery and determined to get her holds locked on to her imposing opponent.

Despite this enthusiasm though, Gabi proved she isn’t here to play - regardless of the big beaming smile on her face - and she secured the first submission with a crushing head lock.

Things didn’t get any easier for the wildcat either as vicious arm bars, chokes, scissors and plenty of takedowns saw her put through the wringer!

But she continued to attack with great gusto and effort and never surrendered despite the onslaught and her persistence saw her trap Gabi in body scissors and head locks of her own.

The match was wrestled in a great spirit and there was plenty of laughs and chatter between the two in their native language.

But they were very serious when it came to the wrestling and both of these beauties were giving it 100 per cent right until the very end!

Both Gabi and Cheetah delighted and even treated us to a great arm wrestle right after the match too!

Match 7 Rosie v Cheetah

The penultimate match of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre November 2021 live show was a corker featuring two of our youngest and freshest faced rising stars!

Both Rosie and Cheetah are extremely easy on the eye and are honing their skills and getting better and better with each and every match they take part in.

So what better way to test how far they have come than to pit them against one another in the Ring of Pain in front of an entertained and excited crowd baying for more top quality action they had enjoyed throughout the event.

Both these beauties had already competed in tough contests but Cheetah had barely had time to catch her breath following her match with Gabbi immediately before this one!

Not that you could tell though as she came out fast right away, pouncing on Rosie like a wildcat jumping on its prey and trapping her in a nasty looking guillotine to force an early advantage.

Not that this was ever going to phase Rosie though who is as resilient as she is ravishing and she was straight back at it trying to subdue the excitable Cheetah!

Both girls executed body scissors, head locks, an array of pins and combination holds as they rolled around the ring in this sensational battle.

And Rosie and Cheetah were determined - whenever they found themselves in hot water, they didn’t panic and fought hard to try to get out of the unfortunate predicament they found themselves in.

They were showing a lot of enthusiasm and willing as each wanted to get a welcome and impressive victory under her belt.

Eventually one of these warriors did emerge as a clear winner but both deserve immense credit for an ace battle. The arm wrestle was the cherry on top of the cake afterwards too!

Match 8 Gabi v Inferno

It’s become an awesome tradition of all Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows to end the pulsating day of action with a classic and exciting final match.

And the fabulous talents that are Gabi and Inferno certainly didn’t disappoint when they brought the talent they possess in abundance through the ropes and into the Ring of Pain.

This one was exciting for a number of reasons - not least because of the contrast in styles of the beautiful ladies. Gabi has the natural power and Inferno has the speed and flexibility but what they both have in common is the range of skills, experience and a will to win!

As soon as they started, you could tell it was going to be a corker as they battled hard and fast in their search for those all important submissions.

They executed moves, defended them, took a lot of punishment and exerted so much energy and effort before the first girl struck with a headlock which her opponent reluctantly tapped out of.

And this set the tone for the rest of this seriously, edge of the seat contest as Gabi and Inferno both searched for more success.

We were treated to head scissors, arm bars, body scissors, ankle locks, grapevine pins, breast smothers, brutal takedowns and combination holds.

Both ladies were successful in gaining more submissions in their favour but the amount of near misses only added to the excitement as they fought long and hard to the delight of the crowd.

Despite the seriousness, it was also fought out in a good and very sporting spirit as the respect between Gabi and Inferno was obvious.

However the name of the game is to win and one of these was hugely excited and delighted at the end ahead of the bonus arm wrestle. A fabulous way to end a truly magnificent live show

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