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MWC - July 2022 Live Show Report

London recently enjoyed the hottest weather it has experienced on record but even those temperatures couldn’t compete with the heat in Monica’s Wrestling Centre!

The summer live show once again raised the bar of what wrestling events should be all about with a ton of sexy girls competing in many exciting matches in front of an insatiable and delighted crowd.

Before any of the action got underway, the Referee promised everyone watching an “international star-studded line-up” and he sure as hell wasn’t lying.

Each girl was introduced to pulsating music and loud applause and adulation which they richly deserved before posing for some hot group photos.

As ever with MWC live shows, there were plenty of red hot talented home grown stars from around the UK and a healthy selection of European badass babes.

There were a couple of women making their debuts at MWC, which added to the anticipation, while we also welcomed back some established favourites who’d been away for way to long!

We had big powerhouses, small quick and skilful athletes but all of whom came with a desire to win to make every single match intriguing and unmissable.

Representing the home nation were the very popular Alora Lux, Inferno, Kassidy, Rosie and Spice who were joined by the debutants Foxxie and Miss Emily.

Italian Lara, Germany’s Warrior Amazon, Princess Nikki from Hungary and her compatriot Orsi B - who was celebrating her birthday! - made up the exciting European contingent.

There was an immense level of skills, strength and sheer sexiness on show as these beauties battled it out in thrilling contests which saw them pushing themselves and each other to the absolute limit.

It was yet another special event to add to the many that Monica has hosted over the years and those who couldn’t make missed a treat. Luckily you can relive it here with these amazing clip!

Match 1 Warrior Amazon vs Miss Emily

It is customary to kick off the fabulous Monica’s Wrestling Centre shows with a bang and set the mood for the rest of the event and this year’s was no different.

The excited crowd were immediately treated to a first sighting of the powerhouse that is Miss Emily, making her first ever appearance at an MWC event.

But there was no chance of her getting an easy introduction when she was paired off against the returning German super woman Warrior Amazon - making a welcome return after way too long an absence!

They certainly matched up well and both seemed very keen to get an impressive victory under their belts and start the show in fabulous style.

When they were locked up in battle, it became obvious that as well as having power, they each had determination and a will to win - their ability to take it as well as dishing it out was impressive.

After a serious struggle, the first submission eventually came for one of the girls who finally made her rival reluctantly tap out!

But the scene was set for a titanic tussle and that is exactly what we got as Warrior and Emily went toe to toe over the three hard fought and intense rounds!

We saw arm bars, head locks, body and head scissors, an array of pins and combination holds which bought success to both of these sexy strong competitors.

The contest was fought in an excellent spirit but don’t let that fool you - the sheer determination and desire was etched all over both Warrior and Emily’s faces as they fought for victory.

Eventually one of the ladies started to pull away and gain an advantage but that does not tell the whole story of this amazing battle!

Even the post match arm wrestle was a tough and intense encounter! A fantastic start to the show!

Match 2 Orsi B vs Alora Lux

Excitement levels were sky high for the second match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s July 2022 show when a rising star was pitted against a returning hero!

Hungarian hottie Orsi B has not been able to grace MWC land for years due to Covid and there were a lot of delighted faces in the crowd to witness her very welcome return - on her birthday as well!

And she had an intriguing first match back against one of the beautiful rising stars on the roster in the shape of the confident and outgoing Alora Lux.

Alora has been getting better and better with every match she competes in but she was going to have her work cut out to topple the mega talented Orsi B who was keen to put on a show after so long away.

And, sure enough, they were soon locked up and rolling around the squared circle trying to get in a dominant position and get an early advantage over one another!