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Monica vs Madame Vanquish

People have been watching in awe as the powerful Madame Vanquish has been steamrolling through the MWC roster.

But there is one person who hasn’t liked seeing it one bit is none other than the queen and boss lady of MWC herself - Monica.

You can feel the tension as soon as they are face to face on the mats with the dominatrix looking for the biggest scalp of her run and Monica out to put her rival well and truly in her place.

The refused handshake sets the tone and Monica raises the tension even higher by proudly announcing "This is a different match and a different ball game - and you’re going to get Vanquished!"

In a flash, they attack and the fight is on! They waste little time taking the battle to the mats where the action is thick and fast with the two strong amazons immediately trying to dominate one another.

There are head locks, body scissors and ankle locks as they battle across the mats in a fast-paced and frenetic start.

A lot of pride is at stake because neither is used to losing and neither wants to get used to losing and this certainly seems to bring out the best in each as they fight hard and give it everything they have got.

The standard of wrestling, as you'd expect, is incredibly high and we see an array of thrilling moves that both ladies have in their incredible lockers.

Every time it looks like one is on top, the other turns the tables – it’s a long time before one of these proud amazons taps out!

It was “edge of the seat” stuff all the way and not typical of matches you normally see with these two powerhouses involved.

Did Monica get Vanquished or did she get revenge for her girls? Download this epic fight to find out!

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