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Monica vs Justice

Gorgeous Justice has tons of wrestling experience to go alongside her immense strength and ability and is always a welcome sight at MWC.

But despite our love and affection for her, we were never going to just give her an easy ride on this latest appearance and instead gave her one of the toughest challenges around - a two part fight with the boss herself, Monica!

You can feel the tension as we join the beauties on the mats with both of them going through a rigorous warm up routine on the mats prior to the match itself.

Both Monica and Justice are business-like as they put themselves through the paces before getting down to the business in hand.

Monica immediately tries to exert her authority onto her smaller rival but it’s clear that Justice isn’t just here to be cannon fodder for her and immediately fights back, using those impressive legs of hers to great effect.

The dual head scissor battle that the two are engaged in certainly sets the tone for the rest of the contest which is exciting and full of hard action that ensures both ladies are put through their paces.

Submissions are exchanged with head locks and arm bars while both Monica and Justice employ their powerful legs to inflict pain on one another.

The second part of this battle sees them engage in in a bear hug contest and then a thigh challenge. But one of the women isn’t too pleased to come off second best and she attacks her rival by grabbing her by the hair!

There is plenty more wrestling and fighting action before this fabulous match ends with both giving it their all.

By the end of the contest, though, there is a clear winner and she certainly makes sure she enjoys the moment by taunting her defeated foe and then enjoying a victory pose over her prone body!

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