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Monica vs Axel - competitive

Awesome Axel has been coming along in leaps and bounds ever since she walked through the MWC doors as a raw but tough rookie.

But just how good has she gotten? We wanted to find out so pitted her against none other than the main woman herself - Monica!

They met on the mats and clearly Axel hasn’t learned about the boss’ sneak attacks as she fell for the old friendly handshake trick, leaving her open to Monica dragging her towards her to attack.

Clearly Monica has a size advantage and coupled with her vast experience, this was always going to be a daunting task for Axel.

But one of the many reasons we love Axel is the fact she has never been the sort of girl content with just turning up and making up the numbers and she was ready for a fight as soon as they locked up.

Monica knew it too judging by the “Woah, our Axel’s getting tough isn’t she?” response when they clashed.

It wasn’t long before the beauties took the action to the floor and, sure enough it was Monica who was on top and applying pressure to her younger foe.

For a while it looked as if Monica would completely dominate and overwhelm Axel - a crushing head scissor being an example which gave Axel no choice but to tap out.

But Axel hung on in there and fought back brilliantly, making the boss moan and groan before submitting to a crushing body scissor.

The rest of the match was fought in a great spirit but with some seriously intense wrestling with both ladies going on the attack.

But did Monica show Axel who is still boss or did the young pretender spring a surprise on the teacher? Download to find out!

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