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Monica Vixon vs Jeannie Hunter

Wrestling matches don’t get bigger or better than this! After more than 20 years, two beautiful, tough and phenomenally skilled athletes finally met in the MWC Ring of Pain to renew rivalries.

The boss Monica taking on her transatlantic friend Jeannie is something both of these ladies have wanted to see happen for a long time - even more than the rest of us have - and you can see they were delighted to finally get their hands on one another.

A brief pre-match interview helped raise anticipation levels, as did Jeannie’s stars and stripes outfit and Monica being draped in a huge Union Flag before the action got underway!

And as soon as they did lock horns, it was clear that this was going to be one hell of a war between two powerful and brilliant wrestlers. They’ve gotten stronger and developed more skills over the years while the experience and ring know how they’ve gained was always going to assist them.