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Monica Destroys Chicken Boy Dave

Let’s be honest, Chicken Boy Dave isn’t known for making the wisest choices in who he decides to take on at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

But, even by his standards, this is a spectacularly bad decision! Taking on none other than the main girl herself Monica was never going to end well for him, was it?

When they faced off on the MWC mats, our hero - dressed in his sparkly pants - was full of confidence and told the amazon that she was “going down like lockdown!”

Of course, it takes a nano-second for the exact opposite to happen as Monica grabs hold of Chicken Boy, takes him down to the mats and starts working him over like the little weed that he is often shown up to be.

Monica is in no mood to mess around and the way she locks on body scissors and taunts and trash talks him tells us that he is in for a very long match!

“Come on you little wimp!” she spits at him as he struggles badly beneath her powerful frame while she catches him in all kinds of painful situations.

Chicken Boy is made to sweat and struggle in a variety of pins, face sits, head scissors, figure four locks, head locks and there is even some eye-watering “below the belt” moves that have him screaming in agony.

Perhaps what’s even more hurtful to him is the way Monica laughs when she allows him to try to put his holds on her and see if he can make her submit. Naturally he fails but his ego sure as hell didn’t want to be told!

It’s a complete destruction from start to finish and Monica doesn’t even come close to breaking sweat at any point during this match.

She certainly enjoys making that point as she celebrates with a victory pose over his broken body.

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