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Mixed Wrestling Party Report Nov 22

At Monica’s Wrestling Centre, Christmas is a time for peace, goodwill and lucky men being squeezed between the thighs of a beautiful female fighter!

Yes, the final MWC Party of the year took place and proved to be a feast of festive frolics and fun as so many lucky punters got to pit their wits against some of the finest ladies there are in this fabulous scene of ours!

Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances out of anyone’s control, a couple of the girls had to drop out before hand but nothing - and we mean absolutely nothing - stops a Monica’s Wrestling Centre Party and it still rocked and rolled as it always does!

Christmas Referee introduced the proceedings and went through the rules which only served to whet the appetite of those present, although he was rather fortunate to escape a lynching as he chose to introduce the beautiful ladies to the tune of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”!

And the gorgeous grapplers came out in style, most of which were in their Christmas outfits and looking every inch the super scrappers for this season.

The boys were enjoying the talents that are Miss Vox, Rosie, Rapunzel, Yui, Divine Domino, London, Havocc and Ina Black - all fabulous and all guaranteed favourites!

Later in the evening, a newcomer made a dramatic entrance to much fanfare and she was unveiled as the very beautiful Bambi! She sure turned some heads!

Of course, ever present was our very own Monica who was fully dressed in a full Santa costume, befitting someone who dishes out such fabulous presents in the form of her live shows, parties and mega clips!

She was accompanied by our favourite victim, Chicken Boy Dave - hilariously dressed as an elf - and it was he who led the girls in a fun warm up session before the real delights got underway.

As usual, the girls were let out into the wild and they all found a man to take down to the mats and then face sit by way of a thrilling introduction to the evening’s festivities.

And soon there were battles going on all over the venue - be it on the mats, in the MWC Ring of Pain or upstairs in the Mats of Doom Room. Boy v girl in battles ranging from competitive, laid back or just painfully one sided!

Of course, Monica’s shows are mostly famous for the games that take place throughout the evening and we were certainly treated to some old favourites.

Firstly, there was the forever brilliant ‘scissor circle’ which requires the ladies to show off their squeezing skills and see who can make a victim tap before anyone else.

And then we had the fabulous ‘musical face-sitting’ - a rather thrilling reworking of musical chairs which never fails to delight.

In between all this, people were rolling around in any space they could find executing body scissors, head locks, a variety of pins, head scissors, face sitting, breast smothers and combination holds! These ladies can wrestle!

Throughout the night, the music was pumping and the food and drinks were flowing while the whole arena was filled with laughter (not to mention the moans and groans of guys suffering while trapped in holds!).

Just like the MWC Live Shows, the parties have become an integral part of the wrestling calendar and are not to be missed.

Those unlucky souls who did miss out, however, have the opportunity to relive the excitement and see the skills and thrills and spills for themselves. Merry Christmas everyone!

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