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Mixed Wrestling Party July 2021 Report

There hasn’t been much to celebrate in the world recently but you can bet your bottom dollar that if you find yourself at Monica’s Wrestling Centre you will be partying.

After a wait that has been way too long, the now famous MWC Wrestling Party was back featuring 11 of the best and most beautiful talents on the scene chomping at the bit wanting to give the lucky guys in the audience a good time.

And it was a best of British line-up as our friends from outside of these shores were unable to make it due to Covid restrictions.

We had a handful of old favourites of course but a refreshing seven debutants who certainly made their mark on the party scene in great style!

The newcomers are already making names for themselves and big cheers were given as Alora Lux, Penny Banks, Denise, Yui and Miss Patricia came out. Ivy Satinee is no stranger to wrestling but she made a welcome first appearance here.

The experienced babes came in the shape of Kassidy, London, McKenzie and the imposing dominatrix that is Madame Vanquish, who has worked her way through most of the line-up at one time or another!

As ever The Referee introduced each of the stunners in his own inimitable style and you can sense the anticipation and excitement from the crowd who were desperate to let the frolics begin.

The girls were put through their paces to warm up by The Referee before they were sent on their merry way to give the excited audience a unique and thrilling meet and greet! If you know, you know.

You get to see these talents strutting their stuff on any bit of mat they can find, teaching some poor (well, very lucky) guy a harsh lesson with a variety of moves.

But an MWC party wouldn’t be an MWC party if it wasn’t for the special games that Monica always arranges for the guys and girls.

You get ‘Game of Cones’ which tests the reactions of the six willing participants with some painful punishments in store for the loser! This can be found in Clip Three.

And there are also the perennial favourites ‘Musical Chairs’ (without any chairs of course!) in Clip Four and the phenomenal ‘Scissor Circle’ which tests the strength of these athletes, which closes the whole shindig! These parties just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Meanwhile, across the whole venue, there are some stunning mixed wrestling battles going on which are all captured on film - watch out for a truly special two on one bondage match featuring the dynamic duo of Alora and Penny working side by side!

Naturally, watching these sexy girls perform some red hot wrestling is the best thing about the party but you can also feel the warmth and joy of the scene coming together to celebrate the very best our scene has to offer.

There are laughs, much-wanted catch-ups and chatter, loud music keeping the energy high and of course a bite to eat and something to drink - everything a party should have!

The MWC Wrestling Party experience has been sorely missed and not only was this a welcome return but it was one with a bang! It is so good to be back.

If you were unable to make it then, well, you missed out! But luckily we captured the best of the action and you can enjoy it and see what all the fuss is about or relive the fun you had on the night with these seven fantastic clips! Enjoy and see you all soon!

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