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Mixed Wrestling Party July 2021 Report

There hasn’t been much to celebrate in the world recently but you can bet your bottom dollar that if you find yourself at Monica’s Wrestling Centre you will be partying.

After a wait that has been way too long, the now famous MWC Wrestling Party was back featuring 11 of the best and most beautiful talents on the scene chomping at the bit wanting to give the lucky guys in the audience a good time.

And it was a best of British line-up as our friends from outside of these shores were unable to make it due to Covid restrictions.

We had a handful of old favourites of course but a refreshing seven debutants who certainly made their mark on the party scene in great style!

The newcomers are already making names for themselves and big cheers were given as Alora Lux, Penny Banks, Denise, Yui and Miss Patricia came out. Ivy Satinee is no stranger to wrestling but she made a welcome first appearance here.

The experienced babes came in the shape of Kassidy, London, McKenzie and the imposing dominatrix that is Madame Vanquish, who has worked her way through most of the line-up at one time or another!