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Miss Vox vs Jeanne Hunter Rematch

We love seeing talented young wrestlers develop and thrive at Monica’s Wrestling Centre but we never give any of them an easy ride!

And it’s just as well the young and talented Miss Vox is one who isn’t afraid of a challenge because she’s been given a truly difficult one in the shape of the very delightful and very strong Jeanne Hunter!

Many a kitten has confidently squared up to the skilful veteran and come away licking their wounds and Miss Vox knew she would have to be at her very best to stand any chance of causing an upset.

But you can always count on her bringing her A-game and she was clearly determined to show Jeanne she wasn’t there to be cannon fodder as they clashed in the Mats of Doom room.

In fact, it was Miss Vox who went on the attack first and seemed to be causing Jeanne some bother as she had her trapped in a body scissor!

However, Jeanne has the resilience to match her wrestling ability and despite the obvious discomfort, she made a determined effort to free herself from her rival’s clutches!

Soon enough we were witnessing a titanic struggle between the pair as they traded punishing moves and showed their guts and determination to fight out of them instead of submitting!

There were head locks, body scissors, arm bars, pin attempts, guillotines and combination holds which were resisted with some serious effort!

Both Jeanne and Miss Vox were going toe to toe and the confined space of the room meant they were permanently locked in this titanic tussle without any respite!

Either of these warriors could have come out on top of this hard fought and close battle but you’ll have to download to find out if one of them did indeed emerge victorious!

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