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Miss Vox vs Galya

This was always likely to be a mouthwatering contest given that we have two gifted, gorgeous and gutsy grapplers battling it out on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

Eastern European beauties Miss Vox and Galya never fail to impress when they take others on so it was interesting to see how the two very proud and determined fighters would do when pitted against one another.

A polite handshake was the sum of the pre-match ritual and they were immediately getting to grips with one another, the action going straight to the mats as they rolled around trying to take control.

It seemed Galya got her attacking game into play first and she was putting Miss Vox under pressure - only to find the brunette determined and able to resist the temptation to submit.

Very quickly, the skills they possess in abundance were at the fore as they both showed great commitment and courage to go along with the bags of talent.

They trade body and head scissors, head locks, arm bars and attempted pins before finally a head scissor bought about the first reluctant tap out.

This, however, was merely an appetiser ahead of what was to come and the second submission was earned through a painful looking ankle lock.

Both of these warriors were tasting success with their moves and it made for an exciting battle with both Miss Vox and Galya digging deep to try to get the advantage over the other.

Time and time again, one would get into a strong position only to find the other battling hard and showing great resilience to get out of the bad position! And of course, they traded plenty of submissions along the way.

It’s a thrilling contest that sees them locked up and battling right to the end and both Miss Vox and Galya leave everything on the mats!

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