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Miss Vox vs Eva Ray

Taking two talented and red hot young fighters and putting them in the confined space of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room is always a great idea.

And when the girls are as great as the beauties Miss Vox and Eva Ray then we just know it isn’t going to fail to deliver the goods - something they proved in this thrilling encounter!

Both Miss Vox and Eva Ray are growing as wrestlers and in terms of their popularity and their skills as well as their desire to show off their ability are a joy to behold as they do battle.

Being ladies who never shirk a challenge, they were keen to get their hands on each other here and earn what would be a most impressive victory.

Straight away you could see they were well matched and we were seeing the initiative swing first one way and then they other as they did all they could to earn those desired submissions.

It took some time for the first one to arrive and it needed an impressive head lock and body scissor combination for one of the ladies to take the lead!

But this didn’t deter the reluctant victim from continuing her attacks and we were soon back to the even contest which saw both Miss Vox and Eva Ray show off their sublime talents.

There were breast smothers, body scissors, head locks, school girl pins, head scissors, roll up pins, arm bars and combination holds - some of which brought joy to both fighters.

It also seemed as if both ladies were enjoying themselves as much as we were watching it, which always helps the flow of a fight!

It’s an enthralling and very exciting battle from start to finish, hard fought and one in which the outcome is hard to call all the way to the very end!

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