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Miss Vox Vanquished

We’ve all watched open-mouthed in horror as the brutal Madame Vanquish has bulldozed her way through the MWC roster and destroyed them when they crossed her path.

The latest to try her luck is the fabulous Bulgarian Miss Vox who, despite her immense skills and not insignificant strength, finds herself being nothing more than another victim of the dominatrix.

Vanquish is an intimidating presence but also not averse to playing games, such as here when she stands there and allows Miss Vox get the first attack in asking her to impress.

Other women would suffer from a body scissor and head lock combination performed by Miss Vox but Vanquish - quite frankly - isn’t like other women and she dismisses her with a “I’m not impressed yet” before releasing that evil cackling laugh.

Miss Vox continues to try to attack, utilising head locks and arm bars but is still only greeted with that laugh. When she tries to stretch Vanquish’s limbs, the dominatrix merely tells her how flexible she is.

It must have been so demoralising for Miss Vox to put in all that effort only to see her bigger rival not even inconvenienced by the attacks.

Of course, when it was time for Madame Vanquish to attack things were very different. There were nasty head locks, ankle locks, body scissors, twisted limbs, wrist locks and a whole world of shrieks and wails from her victim.

While Miss Vox tried and failed to do any meaningful damage, Vanquish pounced when the moment was right before she started her usual ritual of breaking her foe down methodically and very painfully!

Miss Vox had no real answer to the brutality she was being subjected to. At the end, Vanquish acknowledged her efforts but that didn’t stop her flashing an evil grin and celebrating over Miss Vox’s prime body.

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