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Miss Vox Humiliates Bert

Miss Vox is in the mood to maul someone and her eyes light when she sees her prey standing on the sides of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

Bert is a confident man and when asked if he thinks he has a chance against his talented opponent, he tells her he is and steps up to her to get this intriguing contest underway.

However, sadly for Bert, he soon discovers that Miss Vox is far more than a pretty face and she has the skills and power to not just beat him but dominate his sorry butt throughout this contest!

It isn’t long before he is being flipped on to his back and trapped him a reverse head scissor that has him moaning and groaning in pain as Miss Vox increases her vice like grip on his head - throwing in some cheeky flicks of his nose to add insult to injury too!

Every time Bert tries to go on the offensive, he finds that Miss Vox is able to read what his next move is going to be before easily defending herself and then going on the attack, much to the frustration - and not to mention pain - of her male rival.