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Miss Vox Destroys Wimpy Ivan- rematch

To the absolute surprise of no one, Miss Vox brutally destroyed Wimpy Ivan in their first match for Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

To the absolute surprise of everyone, Wimpy Ivan returned to take on his destroyer no doubt thinking he can upset the odds and gain revenge for the beatdown her suffered previously.

“I’m gonna win this time, you’ll see” are the brave opening words from Ivan but the fabulous Miss Vox isn’t impressed in the slightest and she immediately grabs him and set about taking this brave but foolish man apart!

He is full of fire and fight and is determined but, sadly for him, she is full of skill and power and is only too happy to demonstrate her ability to its fullest!

Within seconds, his initial boast is rammed back down his throat as Miss Vox traps him in a head scissor and squeezes it mercilessly.

She’s only getting warmed up though and she soon ups the ante and makes Wimpy Ivan submit to moves which clearly have him struggling in agony.

He is forced to endure, head scissors, grapevine pins, arm bars, figure four locks, schoolgirl pins, head locks, arm bars, foot torture and a combination holds which have him furiously tapping out and, at times, begging for mercy.

It’s one way traffic in this one and Miss Vox is clearly enjoying herself - which female wrestler wouldn't have fun beating up a pathetic man who was convinced he would beat her?!

Wimpy Ivan is taken to school and the biggest lesson he learns during this one is never to let his mouth write cheques his ass cannot cash!

Luckily for him, the end does eventually come and it ends as we all knew it would end - with him flat out on the floor and Miss Vox celebrating one of her easiest victories!

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