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Miss Vox Destroys Ragdoll Sam

Like many of the men who step up to face their talented beauties on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster, Ragdoll Sam probably thinks he can match the incredible Miss Vox on the mats.

But if he was thinking that before they got it on here, you can bet your life he wasn’t thinking it after as the Bulgarian beauty went to work on him.

The match had barely got underway when she first got him down to the ground and was making him moan and groan as a result of the sheer pain he must have been experiencing at her hands.

And things never really improved for Sam as Miss Vox took great pleasure in introducing him to all the skilful moves she has at her disposal and which she is never shy about displaying, especially with a hapless man at her disposal.

Poor Ragdoll Sam never really stood a chance and you could see (and hear!) the damage Miss Vox was inflicting as she relentlessly made him suffer.

She got him in figure four headlocks, head scissors, arm bars, roll up pins, breast smothers, body scissors, grapevine pins and combination holds which all had the desired effect as far as she was concerned.

Sam had nothing to really offer in terms of offensive moves and he cut an increasingly helpless figure the more he was being made to suffer. His face became increasingly red and he looked increasingly battered as the minutes clocked by.

Miss Vox was ruthless and relentless as she didn’t let him catch a breather and just marched towards the inevitable victory as she collected tap outs like they were going out of fashion.

There is a look of joy and satisfaction etched all over her pretty face as she towers over his prone body at the end!

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