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Miss Vox Destroys Lean Lenny

When you start to describe a wrestler with the word ‘Lean’, you’d expect the full description to be something along the lines of ‘Lean Mean Fighting Machine’.

Sadly for our hero Lenny, there is nothing mean about his fighting ability when he finds himself up against the beautiful and brilliant Miss Vox on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

Right from the very start, Miss Vox takes control of the bout and gets him down on the ground where she can start showcasing her skills at Lenny’s expense while all he can do is his best to resist the onslaught.

The bigger Lean Lenny immediately gets to sample her powerful head lock and then a reverse head scissors and you can see from his facial expression that this hurts. A lot!

To his credit, he is able to defend and take a lot of punishment and is clearly not going to allow Mixx Vox to collect submissions easily.

But he is merely delaying the inevitable as Miss Vox is relentless and goes through the full arsenal of weapons she has at her disposal to make him suffer and experience agony.

She catches him in schoolgirl pins, arm bars, head scissors, guillotines, grapevine pins, head locks, body scissors and combination holds to wear him down and dominate him.

There are brief moments where Lean Lenny tries to go on the attack and you can see he is determined to make an impact - but they hardly register with someone as talented as Miss Vox and it isn’t long before she is back on top and reminding him who is boss between the two of them!

The more he tries to resist, the more she cranks up the pressure and that ensures she gets the job well and truly done.

Miss Vox enjoys her well earned victory pose over him at the end!

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