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Miss Vox Destroys Bert - Rematch

We can only assume that Bert took a hard bump on his head when he got schooled after he took to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats to take on the delightful Miss Vox in their first match.

That can be the only explanation for how he arrives so confidently and full of energy to confront the beauty as she works out in the MWC Ring of Pain and demanding a rematch.

He skips over the top rope and is clearly determined and ready for this. And it is this enthusiasm which helps him survive precisely one second of this bout as Miss Vox immediately grabs hold of him and throws him to the canvas before getting to work!

“You have no chance!” she sneered like an Eastern European femme fatale in a James Bond movie as an already struggling Bert desperately tried to escape from a cross body pin she has effortlessly trapped him in.

Vox was clearly having fun but the ruthless side was still there, as demonstrated when she locked him in a vicious arm bar and was very slow in releasing as he desperately tapped the mats in submission.

This set a tone as she continued the brutal beatdown with Bert unable to stem the flow of her attacks.

She got him in head scissors, grapevine pins, breast smothers, more arm bars, body scissors, face sits, figure four head locks and combination holds which brought about the desired and expected tap outs from her victim.

With the enthusiasm that he entered the ring with knocked out of him, Bert did his best to resist but it was futile and he was made to suffer badly for daring to come looking for revenge!

He was left battered and bruised by the end while a triumphant and dominant Miss Vox celebrated over his prone body!

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