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Miss Patricia Vanquished

The remorseless and relentless Madame Vanquish has taken on and beaten all comers to date, including some of the toughest girls we have on the MWC books.

But now it was time to serve the dominatrix some fresh meat and they don’t come much fresher than Miss Patricia, who is one of the newest ladies to be taken under Monica’s wing.

The awesome Asian is ready to battle the other talented girls and hand out some beatdowns to the cocky men but nothing - and we mean absolutely nothing - could have prepared her for this impossible task!

Right from the start, Madame Vanquish is licking her lips in anticipation of what she is going to do to the new girl on the block and immediately invites Miss Patricia to attack first so that she can “see what she has got”.

But this always feels like a trap and sure enough, as soon as she’s had enough, she takes down Miss Patricia and starts her ordeal.

The newbie though is very resilient and seems determined to show her daunting rival that she has a high pain threshold and will not give in easily.

However, this merely spurs Madame Vanquish on to up the ante and increase the pressure and pain she wants to apply on Miss Patricia.

She executes some vicious head locks, leg locks, bear hugs, leg scissors and grapevine pins to wear away the resistance and start earning herself some submissions.

As usual, Madame Vanquish gives a running commentary along the way which also helps break her opponents’ will and spirit!

Miss Patricia is taught that what the dominatrix wants, the dominatrix gets as she continues to find herself in a variety of painful looking situations.

She is soon put out and a Madame Vanquish stands over her and gives us the victory pose we’ve seen many times now!

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