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Michaela vs Nairobi

Oooh, you can feel the intensity of this one before they even start wrestling because it is written all over the faces of strong beauties Michaela and Nairobi.

They are locked up in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room so there is nowhere to hide - not that talents as good as these two would even want to, such is their desire to fight!

As soon as they hook up, we know it's going to be a hard battle as they seem to opt to let their power and ability do all the talking.

Both Michaela and Nairobi immediately give it everything they’ve got and start catching each other in what look like agonising holds as they seek to earn those all important submissions that will deliver an excellent victory.

They really seem to hate submitting though and each point that is gained is long, drawn out and only achieved through maximum effort and hard work.

At one stage, despite some back and forth action, it looks as if one of the ladies is going to run away with it from the scoreline point of view only for her to be given a reality check when her rival turns the tables and gets herself going!

There is undoubted respect between Michaela and Nairobi but there main focus is to get those tap outs any which way they can and this only adds to the excitement!

We see face sits, ankle locks, body scissors, arm bars, head scissors, head locks, bear hugs and combination holds as the action keeps on cranking up with each passing minute.

At times, they both have each trapped in hard holds at the same time and it is a battle of wills to see who can survive it! It’s an awesome contest between two incredible gorgeous talents!

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