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Michaela vs Ina Black

The legendary Ina Black always seems to be on a mission to take apart other strong and talented fighters when she steps onto the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

And this is no different as the brilliant and brutal Bulgarian is served the very skilled and strong Michaela as her latest victim!

Gorgeous Michaela isn't the sort of lady who shirks a challenge and she certainly shows no fear or intimidation as they exchange pre-match fist bumps prior to getting into the grappling action.

But Ina has seen them all before and she wastes little time in grabbing hold of her smaller rival and imposing her domination over her in her pursuit of yet another one-sided victory to add to her collection.

It’s difficult enough having to cope with what Ina Black brings in terms of her physical skills but Michaela’s might was made all the more daunting by the running commentary and disconcerting laughs the Bulgarian beauty sent her way!

And when you are gifted as Michaela so obviously is, it must be demoralising to not even be able to go on the offensive as Ina simply goes about steamrolling her into the ground.

It is relentless punishment from Ina who goes through her full repertoire of weapons to inflict the most amount of punishment she can.

This includes head locks, body scissors, grapevine pins, arm bars, guillotines, head scissors, schoolgirl pins, face sits and combination holds which all have Michaela suffering and submitting in desperation.

The smaller woman does her best to resist and try to escape the holds but her efforts were also destined to fail against a determined Ina who relentlessly took her apart!

A last bit of verbal defiance from Michaela only resulted in a brutal finish by Ina who one again stood tall and proud over her destroyed victim’s body!

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