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Michaela vs Epiphany Jones

Exquisite Epiphany Jones is gaining in popularity with every single match she partakes in at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

But she has her work cut out in the restricted space that is the Mats of Doom Room when she faces off against marvellous Michaela, who seems ready for business!

They square off and there is nothing in the way of pleasantries or polite handshakes as the pair just lock up and go straight to war!

And Michaela is the one who gets into the ascendency first, attacking Epiphany and forcing the blonde beauty to go on the defensive to try to evade getting caught in a scissor or a lock.

Eventually it is a body scissor and head lock combination which brings about the first submission and when Michaela gets another with a figure four head scissor, it feels as if Epiphany might be getting overwhelmed by her skilled opponent.

But Epiphany is not becoming a fan favourite for nothing! She put in great effort to go on the offensive and to also fight out of or resist any moves Michaela trapped her in for as long as she could.

They were soon battling all over what little space there is in the room but their focus was purely on the battle and no confined space was going to get in the way of that!

There were head locks, body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, tests of strength, breast smothers and tests of strength throughout the match.

The fact that both Epiphany and Michaela stayed quiet and focused all the way to the end only added to the tense feeling in the air during this contest!

But did Michaela prove to be too dominant for her less experienced rival or did Epiphany fight back in glorious style? Download this cracking fight to find out!

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