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Michaela Destroys Andrew

It takes a very brave (or rather stupid!) boy to step up onto the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats and agree to take on the extremely strong and talented Michaela.

But fair play to Andrew because he decided today that he was going to be that brave (or stupid) boy on this occasion and face off against the brilliant beauty!

If he had any inkling of how tough his challenge would be before the match started, then he can’t have been too surprised when he was immediately hit with a hurricane of pain within seconds of the contest getting under way.

Michaela spent no time in grading him in a headlock and applying so much pressure, he was repeatedly taken off his feet over and over!

Things got even worse when she took him down to the mats as she had a sadistic grin (and an evil laugh to match) plastered all over her face as she punished him and made him suffer for his foolish decision to agree to this!

Michaela was clearly having fun at Andrew’s expense and it wasn’t long before he was desperately tapping out to escape the clutches of her brutal and relentless punishment.

She had him in head locks, grapevine pins, arm bars, body scissors, head scissors, camel clutches, head locks and combination holds which had him grimacing in pain and screaming in agony time and time again.

There was a hint of disappointment for Michaela every time he tapped because she seemed to enjoy having him in serious agony in any of her moves.

Andrew had nothing from this ‘match’ but some harsh lessons to take away with him and bumps which he won’t forget in a hurry!

Michaela, on the other hand, was very much in her element and she certainly enjoyed celebrating over his battered body!

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