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Mel Fire vs Sheela

We knew that sticking two sexy fire crackers like this pair into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room would create something incredibly magical.

But even we weren't prepared for the drama both Mel Fire and Sheela brought to the venue when they faced off against one another in the restricted space that part of the venue offers!

The stare down itself was intensity personified and you could see in both their eyes that they badly wanted this and were ready for it, something which became even more evident when they actually got to grips with one another in the middle of the room.

Both Mel Fire and Sheela love to fight and they were going to leave everything they had on those mats in pursuit of what would be an impressive victory for either lady.

They seemed evenly matched as they grappled and jostled for the advantage and the advantage shifted from one to the other before the first submission of the proceedings was recorded.

Not that submissions were easily handed over, mind! As well as being strong and skilled, Mel and Sheela showed they were stubborn and determined and so it was going to take some serious pain to induce the tap outs they both craved.

We were treated to body scissors, head locks, arm bars, tests of strength, bear hugs, head locks, breast smothers and combination holds as the two worked up a real sweat.

Very little in the way of words was offered too and the seemingly permanent intense looks on their faces added to the tense atmosphere as the attacks were ramped up as the minutes ticked on by.

They fought hard from start to finish and both Sheela and Mel Fire enjoyed their successes along the way - and judging by the serious handshake at the end, we probably haven't heard the last of this rivalry!

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