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Mel Fire vs Ivy Rain

Putting two strong and sexy fighters in the tight confines of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room is always going to be a winner in our book!

Sure enough, both Mel Fire and Ivy Rain deliver in spades throughout this hard fought battle between two very proud wrestlers!

You can cut the tension that is in their air with a knife as they circle each other, not taking their intent glares off one another which only adds to the anticipation of the war that is about to get underway.

It is Ivy Rain who moves first, grabbing Mel Fire in a headlock, and this kickstarts the main proceedings very nicely as they are soon engaged in a tough match!

Straight away you can tell that both ladies will have to work hard to earn their submissions and ultimately the much sought after victory in this one as they fight with all they’ve got.

The pain and strain of the battle is evident through the expressions on their beautiful faces as the intensity just ramps up with every passing minute.

Both Mel Fire and Ivy Rain enjoy their moments in the ascendency here and every time it looks like one of them is gaining control of the contest, the other shows what she is made of by fighting out of it.

They execute head locks, body scissors, breast smothers, grapevine pins, head scissors, bear hugs, arm bars and combination holds - some of which have the desired effect of securing those much wanted tap outs!

You can see the toll such a tough contest has on both Ivy Rain and Mel Fire as the match wears on - they clearly gave it all they had from start to finish!

They fight hard to the bitter end and when the referee calls time there is a polite handshake - albeit with some stern looks!

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