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Mel Fire Humiliates Andrew

If you are a weak man, never ask a skilled and strong wrestler “is that all you got?” before she’s even got going. You’ll only find it ending in pain and shame for you!

Sadly, no one bothered to tell Andrew this before he squared up to marvellous Mel Fire on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats, seemingly full of confidence that he could actually defeat her!

Within a blink of an eye, our hapless hero found himself flat on his back with the beautiful Mel on top of him with a schoolgirl pin!

This was merely the start of proceedings too as she unleashed one-sided hell on his sorry butt during the course of this contest.

His early confidence had lasted around 10 seconds and within a couple of minutes of the start of the match, Andrew was looking rather beleaguered and in desperate need of escaping Mel Fire’s clutches.

The gorgeous redhead was, of course, in no mood to take pity on him and she carried on doing her thing and making him suffer in a variety of different ways.

She got him in body scissors, head scissors, head locks, figure four locks, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, guillotines, face sitting and combination holds to secure submissions Andrew was seemingly desperate to concede judging by how he tapped!

And in time honoured mixed matches tradition, Mel Fire was equally adept at trash talking him along the way as well which ensured his ego would ache as much as his poor limbs were.

Andrew simply had no answer to the onslaught he had been made to endure and was left in no doubt about what Mel Fire has “got” by the time this one ended!

And Mel Fire certainly enjoyed celebrating over his devastated body as he lay flat on the ground following this comprehensive defeat!

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