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McKenzie Vanquished

Beautiful blonde and firm fan favourite McKenzie is getting better and better the more she tests her skills out on the MWC wrestling mats.

But despite all the tough challenges she has taken on, none have been as daunting as this - taking on the relentless wrecking machine that is Madame Vanquish.

The dominatrix has been working through the MWC roster of girls and almost effortlessly destroying them all one by one as they dare to face off against her. As usual, she isn't satisfied and wants yet another name to add to the list.

Unfortunately for McKenzie, it is her name that is the latest to go on there. Madame Vanquish allows her to attack first but it is merely an invitation into a trap and McKenzie falls for it.

It isn't long before pain is etched all over McKenzie???s pretty face while the moaning and groaning in pain leaves us in no doubt that she is being made to suffer.

You certainly can't fault McKenzie's effort though. She keeps trying to attack and utilise her skills on Madame Vanquish but ultimately those skills are just not enough to stop the domina turning the tables on her opponent.

McKenzie is made to suffer excruciating arm bars, bear hugs, body scissors, leg locks, ankle locks and a variety of pins that just show how dominant her formidable foe is.

Naturally, the submissions start to flow as Madame Vanquish takes her time and strikes as and when it pleases her.

The dominant woman certainly recognises McKenzie's efforts but they aren't to give her praise but more to laugh at the fact she keeps trying and failing to make any impact!

It comes as no surprise that by the end, McKenzie is out cold on the mats while her conquerer celebrates with a victory pose over her prone body.

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