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McKenzie Humiliates Chicken Boy Dave

It seems you guys just can’t get enough of seeing the beautiful blonde bombshell McKenzie beating up the wimps so we just had to get her back on the MWC mats!

And her victim here, once again, was the ever willing Chicken Boy Dave - someone who is no stranger to McKenzie’s fine form having been beaten up by her in our place previously!

It’s been a while and Chicken Boy has had many matches under his belt since so you’d think he’d be more a challenge to her this time, right? Well, actually, not as it turns out!

McKenzie wastes no time at all, grabbing him in a head lock and tossing him down to the floor where she enthusiastically starts to work him over and give him a reminder of exactly what she is all about.

She is soon on top of him, first with a schoolgirl pin and then with a glorious face sit while his muffles cries of pain just seem to encourage her even more. “I don’t think scrawny little you is getting me off!” Never a truer word said, McKenzie!

Chicken Boy does manage to get her off him though - when he taps out because he can’t take any more!

This is just the mere beginning though and McKenzie sets about her task of destroying him with glee, going through an array of class moves including grapevine pins, head scissors, cross body pins, head locks and body scissors - the submissions pile up in the beauty’s favour.

Chicken Boy’s contribution to all of this is to moan and groan in agony in between the submissions he keeps having to hand to his more skilled, quicker and stronger opponent.

The result is never in doubt and McKenzie celebrates in style! We can see why all you guys love her…well, all of you apart from Chicken Boy Dave that is!

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