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McKenzie Duff's up her Boss-Custom

Like many young beautiful women, McKenzie has to put up unwanted attention from a sleazy boss when all she wants to do is get on with her work.

Chicken Boy Dave thinks just because he is in charge, he can walk past and caress her blonde hair and make completely inappropriate sexist remarks.

She tells him in no uncertain terms that his behaviour is unacceptable but her cocky manager decides to make her an intriguing offer - to fight him for high stakes!

If he wins, he gets to have sex with her and continue his ways but if she does then she gets a promotion and he stops harassing her. McKenzie doesn’t hesitate to agree and the fight is on!

And despite knowing of her fighting background, Chicken Boy is certain he will be enjoying a glorious night and confidently predicts a victory…until a few seconds into the fight when McKenzie takes him down to the floor and has him squealing in pain from a vicious body scissor.

She doesn’t stop there! She is a strong, independent woman with a point to prove and proves it she does as Chicken Boy is left in agony on many occasions.

McKenzie hits him with head locks, head scissors, arm bars and completely controls and dominates him, teaching him a valuable lesson in the process.

She puts her beautiful feet to good use to when she has him pinned up against the wall with nowhere to go.

Chicken Boy’s attempts at fighting back are as pitiful as his office behaviour and he is soon flat out on the floor regretting his inappropriate actions and for challenging a badass babe to a fight.

McKenzie has a sleaze-free future and a promotion to look forward to while the only action Chicken Boy Dave can look forward to is tending to his wounds!

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