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March 2023 Live Event Report

There aren’t many things as eagerly anticipated as Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s first live show of the year and, boy, did the action exceed expectations this time around!

Eight vastly talented beauties showcasing their mega abilities within the squared circle that is the MWC Ring of Pain across nine matches is the thing that dreams are made of. And these dreams sure did come true here!

There were plenty of familiar faces in the form of favourites but also plenty of girls taking their bow in the MWC arena to help keep things new and exciting for the loyal band of fans who enjoy the best seats in the house at ringside!

And, of course, we had a delightful mix of home grown Brit babes along with exquisite European grapplers to the sheer delight of the crowd!

The four newcomers came in the form of Monica B, Bambi, Luna K and Alexis Luna but none of them showed any debut show nerves as they showcased the brilliance they had to offer in all their matches.

Of course, firm favourites such as Gabi, Eva, Rapunzel and Jaki were never going to just lay out the red carpet for them and instead looked to put the through their paces as a way to ‘welcome’ them to the Ring of Pain!

There were thrills, spills and lots of hard fought wrestling which resulted in some close contests which had us all wondering who might emerge victorious late in every match.

Such was the brilliance of the day, it seemed to fly by within a blink of the eye and we were all left baying for more long after the final bell had sounded.

If you missed it, then we pity you. But we’re more than happy to help you experience what you missed with these exciting clips which captured all the action! Enjoy!

Match 1 Gabi vs Monica B

As always, Monica likes to start her live shows in spectacular style and what better way to kick off the proceedings then with a bang - as promised by the Referee - and a battle of the beautiful Bulgarians.

Monica B was making her debut to the MWC Live Show and the boss and her namesake was not going to make things easy for her as she climbed through the ropes of the Ring of Pain for the very first time.

She found herself up against none other than Gabi who has super skills, super strength and a wealth of experience to call upon whenever she is called into wrestling action!

It promised to be a cracker and we were most certainly not disappointed as the pair got straight into action as soon as the pre-match introductions were complete.

Gabi had a clear size advantage but Monica B was certainly not fazed by that in any way as she launched herself into the fight which resulted in the two of them rolling around and battling on the canvas in the early exchanges.

While it was good natured between the compatriots, there was also national pride at stake as they fought hard throughout the contest.

The first submission didn’t come easily and after a hard battle, it was an arm bar which brought about the all important breakthrough for one of the beauties.

But that didn’t stop the momentum of the contest and we were treated to a range of moves including head locks, scissors, arm bars, a variety of pins and combination holds from both Gabi and Monica B as the fast paced action hotted up.

Both girls were successful in their pursuit of taps out but there was a clear winner by the end. A breathless thrilling way to start a show!

Match 2 - Eva vs Bambi

It’s always difficult to follow a storming opening match at a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event but we were certainly not disappointed with this intriguing match up for the second contest.

Manchester gal Eva needs no introduction to regulars in the scene as she has carved out a fantastic career and built her reputation as a fantastic pro and session wrestling talent over the past few years.

But she found herself up against an MWC show debutant in the shape of gorgeous Bambi - a confident and talented girl who has already started making some serious waves in the industry.

There were other contrasts too but what was obvious immediately is that both Eva and Bambi were up for this and both of these beauties were clearly confident of getting a seriously impressive victory under their belts.

Bambi immediately got herself into a great position with a crushing body scissor and headlock combo and seemed to have Eva struggling…only to discover her powerful opponent does not roll over easily and can fight her way out of precarious positions and turn the tables!

This really set the scene as these two fighters went at it hammer and tongs with a bag of energy, enthusiasm and a whole load of skill!

Such was the enthusiasm that we had a wardrobe malfunction in the early part of the battle which provoked many laughs and perhaps a little redness of the cheeks for the poor wrestler in question!

The serious business was wrestling though and we were treated to arm bars, body scissors, cross body pins, head scissors, figure four locks, face sits and combination holds in a fantastic fight!

It was back and forth and both Eva and Bambi gave it their all. Neither deserved to lose and it was nip and tuck all the way before one delighted lady emerged the narrow winner!

Match 3 - Luna K vs Rapunzel

We’d barely gotten our breath back from the thrilling first two matches of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s March live show when we had another exciting match up to take in!

Luna K was the third MWC live event debutant and, like the two who came before her, this beauty was being given a baptism of fire as she looked to show off her talent in the thrilling Ring of Pain setting she found herself in.

Rapunzel is no stranger to the event or the scene and she and her ‘longest hair in wrestling’ bounced enthusiastically to the ring ready for this contest.

Both were clearly up for this and couldn’t wait to get their hands on one another and, once they did, there were fireworks as we could clearly see they were well matched for each other.

In the opening minutes, the initiative went from one girl to the other as they battled all over the canvass trapping each other in holds, each eagerly trying to get that all important submission.

We were on the edge of our seats and it took an alrighty Boston crab to finally break the deadlock and give the delighted woman a first point of the match.

Rapunzel and Luna K just wanted to fight and the grunting and groaning that came from both as they went at it at full pelt told it’s own story.

There were body scissors, head locks, leg locks, breast smothers, schoolgirl pins, bear hugs, grapevine pins and combination holds in this tough and fabulous battle. This was truly high quality stuff!

Both Luna K and Rapunzel were able to get on the score sheet on a number of occasions and both showed their toughness in resisting some serious punishing moves.

By the end though, one of them did emerge as a narrow winner

Match 4 - Alexis Luna vs Jaki

Two beauties with sculpted muscles adorning their amazing bodies clashed for the fourth incredible match of Monica’s wrestling Centre’s March 2023 live event!

Alexis Luna was the fourth wrestler in a row taking her first bow at an MWC event but she certainly looked the part and was oozing confidence and class as she made her way to the Ring of Pain.

The Referee said her opponent Jaki needed no introduction given her regularity of these events and he is spot on - this powerhouse knows her way around the squared circle and she was clearly ready to strut her stuff once again for the lucky crowd.

And it was immediately obvious from the opening minutes that this was going to be a titanic tussle to remember!

Both Jaki and Alexis Luna showed just how strong and super talented they are, exchanging early submissions by an ankle lock and then a body scissor and head lock combination respectively to set a wonderful tone.

These two were having a ball as they roll around the ring, getting their moves on and pushing one another to bring their very best to the table from start to finish.

It was being fought in a fine sporting spirit and there was clearly respect between the pair but there was no doubting the ambition and drive of both Alexis Luna and Jake - they were here to win, no doubt about it!

We saw head locks, body scissors, arm bars, a variety of pins and a plethora of combination holds with both ladies able to secure submissions in their favour as the match wore on.

Even the most addicted gambler would have second thoughts about putting money on a winner as they fought hard right to the end.

Fittingly there was a narrow winner but both Alexis Luna and Jaki earned the enthusiastic applause at the conclusion!

Match 5 - Bambi vs Cheetah

The thrills and spills of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s outstanding March 2023 Live Event continued at a red hot pace with another mouth-watering clash making up the fifth battle of the day.

Now, you might think a wrestler named after a sweet little deer would be reluctant to risk becoming the prey of another wrestler named after a wild big cat - but in this case, you’d be wrong.

Bambi, who had delighted the punters with her debut match earlier in the show, is certainly not lacking in confidence of ability so she was never going to dart away from a ‘predator’!

Nevertheless, she did face a real test as she was up against the ever improving sexy Cheetah who is now a firm favourite within the MWC world!

And as soon as they charged at one another and locked up, you could tell that both of these talents were not messing around and really wanted to secure an impressive win in front of the excited guys watching on!

They fought hard and all over the canvas as they searched for a submission and both soon showed they can take some punishment and resist the temptation to back down and tap out!

Bambi and Cheetah seemed well matched from the start and that is exactly how it played out when these two sexy scrappers were fighting all over the place trying to get the advantage over each other.

Every time one of them looked to be getting on top and in the best position, the other would fight out of it and turn the tables instead.

It was nail-biting stuff as Cheetah and Bambi went hell for leather in search of victory and it was a mystery to us all who’d emerge on top!

Did either of these gorgeous grapplers manage to secure the win? Download this amazing clip to find out!

Match 6 - Alexis Luna vs Gabi

The sixth battle of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s relentlessly brilliant March 2023 live event was the first after the mid show interval.

But the break certainly didn’t slow down the fast-paced incredible action as two strong warriors picked up exactly where the sexy fighters had left off earlier in this fabulous fight.

Show debutant Alexis Luna had dazzled the excited crowd in her tough debut match earlier in the day but things were not going to be made any easier for her in her second as she faced off against the imposing MWC regular Gabi.

The Referee stated his desire for a “barnstormer” before he introduced the two rivals and he most certainly wasn’t disappointed by the fantastic action we were served up by the pair!

Skilful Gabi came into it with a significant size advantage but Alexis Luna clearly had the muscles - as well as bags of her own talent - to be able to compete against her bigger foe and that is exactly what she did.

Inevitably Gabi did the early running in this but Alexis Luna was able to defend herself and look for the openings to get her own moves locked in on a regular basis.

The pair treated us to arm bars, head locks, body scissors, bear hugs, cross body pins, schoolgirl pins and combination holds as they fought long and hard.

And boy, can they take it as well as dish it out! Lesser women would have succumbed to many of the holds these two were trapped in. But neither Alexis or Gabi were in a giving mood!

It was a treat for all of us watching and both of these warriors seemed to enjoy themselves for every single second of the fight!

It was a nip and tuck even contest right to the final bell - download to find out who, if any, won this one!

Match 7 - Eva vs Rapunzel

We had struck gold with every one of the six matches we had been treated to as part of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre and this one gleefully continued that run!

Two incredible, gorgeous and experienced wrestlers clashing in the Ring of Pain is always going to be a treat and both Eva and Rapunzel were very happy to not only meet expectations but exceed them in this cracking fight.

They were itching to get to grips with one another, they were smiling at the prospect of getting to grips with each other so when they actually got to grips with one another, it gave us the fireworks we hoped for.

Eva and Rapunzel fought hard and at a very past face and both had earned a submission each within the opening minutes of the first round - much to their own delight of course!

A recurring theme throughout the whole show was the great spirit each match was being fought in, but like the six that went before, this battle also saw two determined fighters looking for a very impressive victory.

Amidst the laughs and good natured exchanges were some brutal moves including head scissors, face sits, arm bars, body scissors, head locks, schoolgirl pins and combination holds - some of which had the desired effect.

Eva and Rapunzel just wanted to fight each other and sometimes it required the bell signally the end of a round to actually prise them apart!

It was a classic, back and forth encounter from two mega talents at the top of their game and all of us in attendance were able to enjoy this feast of wrestling!

They left everything they had on the mats and the end result was a hatful of submissions for both Eva and Rapunzel, which saw one delighted lady emerge as a narrow winner!

Match 8 - Cheetah vs Luna K

The penultimate match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s March 2023 Live Event was every bit as exciting and mouth-watering as you’d expect given the talents involved.

Both Cheetah and Luna K had lit up the Ring of Pain in their earlier fights during the event so pitting them up against one another and seeing them set the place alight again seemed a wise and obvious choice!

And it became obvious very quickly that these two just wanted to get it on and fight, which is exactly what they did as they battled hard across the canvas from the second the bell sounded.

Given their absorbing performances earlier, both Luna K and Cheetah were determined to make another loud statement in showcasing their obvious skills and that is exactly what they achieved here!

As well as hooking on punishing looking moves, these two beauties can withstand some serious punishment and they battled out of some precarious situations along the way.

In the meantime, we were treated to body scissors, head locks, leg locks, head scissors, a variety of pins, guillotines, arm bars and combination holds - some of which brought some well earned joy for each combatant.

Each time you thought one of the fighters was on top, the other would bide her time before storming back into the contest and, as a result, we were left on the edge of our seats wondering how this would pan out.

Both Cheetah and Luna K gave it everything they had and that meant the final outcome was in the balance right until the end of the contest as they went hell for leather in search of a very impressive win.

By the end, one of these ladies did have her hand held aloft in victory by the narrowest of margins - a result befitting the quality of both!

Match 9 - Monica B vs Jaki

As always, tradition dictates that the final match of any Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event is a fabulous classic that puts the cherry on the icing of the cake everyone has enjoyed up to that point.

And we most certainly were not left disappointed in the March 2023 show which saw brilliant beauties Monica B and Jaki serve up slices of tasty wrestling brilliance!

The fact that it was a Bulgaria v Bulgaria match up added that little bit of extra spice to the proceedings which was already lit by how well the pair had performed in their earlier matches.

The mood was relaxed and things were clearly good natured between the pair before the serious business got started but, as soon as they locked up, you could see both were going all out for this and wanted to make a final statement to the proceedings!

Both Monica B and Jaki are clearly strong and skilled and they soon showed they have incredible stamina and a high pain threshold as they resisted attacks for as long as possible.

The first submission was hard won by one of the ladies and required a serious head lock and body scissor combination - after a lot of effort - to secure it!

This was merely the starter though as these two warriors fought hard all over the canvas trying to get those all important submissions!

We saw head locks, body scissors, guillotines, arm bars, bear hugs, a variety of pins and combination holds - some of which brought the much wanted tap outs for both Jaki and Monica B.

This was edge-of-the-seat excitement for the lucky punters who were well served by two immense talents who were only too happy to show off their skills!

Eventually one of them signed off with an incredible victory but both were clearly winners in the fans’ eyes!

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