Mahea v Monica

Visiting grapplers to MWC are always sure of a very warm welcome by the team and adoring wrestling fans.

American Mahea got an extra special welcome from MWC’s Monica though when the boss lady met her on the mats for a different sort of greeting!

You can tell both are up for it when they immediately launch into each other and start grappling on the mats.

Monica enjoys the best of the early moments and taunts her rival with a “C’mon Mahea, what have you got?!” Her feisty opponent replies with a sharp “Shut up!” and you just know this is going to be a cracker!

Mahea fights hard to escape Monica’s clutches but eventually succumbs to the first submission when Monica applies a body scissor breast smother combination!

They continue to engage in a titanic struggle, swapping scissor holds, head locks, pin attempts, choke holds and arm bars. The chat between them keeps going at an intense pace too and leads to quite a number of entertaining exchanges between the pair!

Monica taunts her about not being strong enough but Mahea is clearly looking to use her speed and wrestling know how to get the win.

They trade more submissions with some exceptional wrestling involving smothers, arm bars, choke holds, and scissors as they go all out for victory.

It is obvious throughout that neither wants to lose to the other but as the match progresses, one of the ladies has pulled ahead and is looking at a sweet success.

The winner clearly enjoys her victory and taunts the bitterly disappointed loser. Download to find out who comes out on top of this trans-Atlantic contest!

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