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Madame Curie dominates Chicken Boy

For the beatings he has taken, Chicken Boy Dave sure does fancy his chances every time he steps on the MWC mats to face one of the glorious fighters in the scene.

However, magnificent Madame Curie is unimpressed as they square off at the start of this “match” - slapping him on the chest and calling him a ‘silly boy’ for even daring to show up!

And that was pretty much as good as it was ever going to get for our macho hero as the gorgeous German amazon immediately goes to work and grabs him in a head lock and squeezes so hard that he is screaming in pain within a heartbeat of the move being locked on.

He insists he is the best wrestler in England and this only prompts loud belly laughs from Madame Curie who just continues to destroy him without barely breaking into sweat.

She taunts and trash talks him relentlessly but never lets it detract from hurting him physically as she goes through her incredible skill set and demonstrate just how fantastic she is.

As well as crushing head locks, she traps Chicken Boy in painful arm bars, body scissors, pins, breast smothers, grapevines, face sits and figure fours which have him squealing out in pain and agony within seconds of the moves being locked on.

For some reason, Chicken Boy continues to try to talk trash back at Madame Curie but apart from laughing in his face, it only serves to inspire her to up the ante and increase the punishment being inflicted.

Madame Curie is having the time of her life making him suffer and she barely breaks into sweat as she does it, such is her dominance.

The end for Chicken Boy come mercifully but painfully as she puts him to bed in impressive fashion and celebrates a devastating and dominating performance with a victory pose!

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