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Luna Vanquished

We have watched in shock and awe as the wrecking machine Madame Vanquished has left a trail of victims in her wake on the MWC mats.

Despite so many girls’ best efforts, they have proved no match for the dominatrix and we were beginning to wonder if anyone would ever give her a challenge.

Step forward luscious Luna! This strong fighter has immense skills, power and a wealth of experience behind her and she certainly has no fear of her opponent.

This is acknowledge by Madame Vanquish herself who knows she is in for a battle. She even forgoes her usual tactic of letting her rivals get the first attack in - such is the impressive presence of Luna!

However, this also meant Madame Vanquish was more focused and more determined and Luna was soon to find out just how focused and determined when they got to grips with one another.

Even someone as tough as Luna struggles in a crushing head lock applied by this dominatrix and sure enough, a submission soon followed.

And there was much more to come. When Luna attacked with purpose and enthusiasm, she was picked off by Madame Vanquish who was enjoying subduing such a worthy opponent.

Luna found herself struggling in arm bars, head scissors, body scissors, head locks and bear hugs that left her with no option but to tap out - albeit with great reluctance.

It wasn’t all one way traffic though. Luna certainly gave her rival much to think about in school girl pins and head scissors. But she also discovered that Madame Vanquish can take it as well as dish it out and it and that she has a stubbornness that refuses to see her break!

You won’t see Luna woman-handled like this often but it begs the question, if she can’t then who on earth will stop Madame Vanquish?!

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