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Luna K vs Rogue

When you get two exciting young beautiful talents like Luna K and Rogue facing off against each other in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain, you can be sure sparks will fly.

And there certainly was electricity in the air as the pair warmed up and then squared off for this thrilling Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter!

Both are brimming with confidence and it’s totally understandable given their skills and determination and the early exchanges which sees the action immediately swaying in favour of one girl and then the other backed that up.

Every time it looked like one of Rogue or Luna K was getting the upper hand, the other would fight out of her predicament and go on the offensive herself as the pair fought hard for that all important impressive victory.

You could see how much each lady wanted this and the action got more exciting and the moves got increasingly brutal as the contest wore on!

They got each other in grapevine pins, head locks, body scissors, arm bars, knees to the belly, bronco busters, breast smothers, head scissors, slaps to the face and combination holds as they fought harder and longer in pursuit of success.

The smiles both Luna K and Rogue had on their faces at the start of the bout were long gone and replaced with looks of anger, anguish and a steely desire to win.

Both ladies had near misses and it was hard to predict who was going to emerge victorious as the match went on and on at a rapid pace.

But in the end, after giving and receiving a lot of punishment, one of these beauties did emerge as a very delighted winner.

And she certainly enjoyed rubbing it in as she celebrated over her fallen rival’s broken body on the canvas!

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