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Luna K vs Beth Bennett

You are practically guaranteed to get fireworks in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain when you pit two incredibly confident beauties against one another.

And they certainly don’t get much more confident than the luscious Luna K and beautiful Beth Bennett who were more than happy to climb through the rope and do battle in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

You can see it in their faces as they warm up pre-fight - they are not only up for the challenge but also clearly feeling good about their prospects of emerging victories at the end of this one.

They may be very different - the smaller brunette in Luna K against the curvy blonde in Beth - but it’s soon apparent that both have got the necessary will and skill to beat the other!

Immediately both of the wrestlers get to show off their ability and make the other get a taste of the pain they are capable of dishing out and this serves to whet our appetites for the contest ahead.

And what is also apparent early on in the match is both of these are more than prepared to use any means necessary to get the job done.

There are plenty of skilled takedowns, camel clutches, arm bars, scissors and pins but both Luna and Beth engage in the dirtier moves with kicks between the legs and hairpulling as they battle hard looking for any advantage they can get.

The venue is often filled with their moans, groans and screams of pain as they dish out some hefty punishment to one another in this exciting back and forth battle between Luna K and Beth.

And, after an absorbing battle, the winner gets her win in brutal impressive fashion - much to her delight at her rivals expense!

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