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Luna Doom dominates Gary

Poor Gary. He’s a lovely chap but he does seem to enjoy opening himself up for severe beatdowns on the MWC mats!

This time he faces the phenomenal Luna Doom, a beauty with a desire to take names and kick some male butt, and learns the hard way just how tough she is.

The match has barely gotten underway before she has his head within her tight clutches as she looks to take him down and start the torture session she clearly has in store for him!

Gary tries his best to fight back but we all know it’s only a matter of time and, sure enough, Luna has him trapped and gasping for air as she wraps her strong legs around him and puts the squeeze on his torso!

A headlock adds to the pain he is having to endure and, unsurprisingly, he has to tap out before his head - which was fast turning all shades of colours - explodes.

Things certainly don’t get any better for him either as Luna starts to express herself at his poor body’s expense, constantly taking him down and battering him. Both physically and with a few verbals to crush his spirit!

She gets him with more scissors, schoolgirl pins, breast smothers, headlocks, grapevine pins and a whole range of combination moves, all of which produce the desired submissions that Luna craves.

When Gary does attempt to attack, he finds Luna is way too quick and way too smart - not to mention strong - for his efforts to have any serious impact!

For the most part, he finds himself on the defensive and those defences being easily breached by the storm that Luna throws his way.

After such a relentless beatdown being dished out, it comes as no surprise to see Luna Doom enjoying a victory pose over Gary who is out!

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