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Luna Destroys Gary

It is always great to see the badass babe that is Luna on the MWC mats and especially when she is in true butt-kicking mode!

Poor Gary is the unlucky victim here as the powerful and exceptionally skilled lady wastes little time in getting him under her control for one mighty big beating.

Within a blink of the eye, she gets him down on the ground and has him pinned with a breast smother thrown in for good measure.

Hapless Gary does his best to resist but once she wraps her thunder thighs around his head (which quickly turns a bright shade of red!), he has no choice but to tap out.

The big smile on her glorious face suggests she is having a great time and that can only mean even more danger for Gary as she is clearly in the mood to make him wail and suffer as much as possible!

He has barely caught his breath back when he finds himself struggling between those powerful legs, this time wrapped around his torso and making him groan in immense pain.

And it certainly doesn’t let up. She pins him, she breast smothers him, she traps him between the grip of her python like arms, she scissors him and all the while he is moaning and groaning in sheer agony.

He does offer a breezy and extremely over-optimistic “I’ll come back” after one of his many submissions but he, Luna and all of us know it is a meek shot at bravado!

This is incredible and brutal punishment being handed out with no mercy and a hell of a lot of enthusiasm by Luna.

The ending is an emphatic as the rest of the match with Gary well and truly destroyed and lovely Luna standing proudly over his battered body.

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