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London vs Yui

Wow! The tension was palpable as these two warmed up ahead of their Shiny Pro Ring Girls Battle in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

It was clear both London and Yui just wanted to get on and fight and they buzzed no time at all when the match began, running at each other and getting to grips with one another desperate to exert their authority.

Both ladies are strong, talented and quick and the fight started at a frenetic pace as they tried to get an early advantage.

Yui was the first to show her power and take London down to the canvas but she soon learned London is feisty, resilient and skilled and we soon had an even battle on our hands.

But even when they parted after thwarting each other’s hard attacks, they immediately lunged at one another determined to keep the momentum going. These girls just love to fight!

The wrestling skills on show were immense with an array of pins, Boston crabs, head locks, body scissors, arm bars, body splashes and combination holds.

But, as you’d expect from two tough fighters desperately looking to win, there was plenty of “unorthodox” tactics in use too.

London and Yui certainly enjoyed throwing each other into the turnbuckles and stomping hard in the bellies. Things took a rather smellier term when they each gave one another a stink face - much to the disgust of the recipient!

The initiative in this all out war went one way and then the other from start to finish as both ladies brought their A-game and really took it to one another.

It was impossible to tell who would emerge as the winner right up until that moment arrived. She enjoyed finishing her off in a brutal way before posing over her stricken rival!

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