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London vs Vox

Gorgeous Vox towers above lovely London and there is an air of confidence about the brunette as the pair of them circle each other before they do battle on the MWC mats.

But blonde London is used to be being the smaller wrestler in her contests and she makes it clear to her new rival here that she isn’t scared or intimidated by Vox’s size!

And when they lock up, it becomes immediately obvious that both ladies are strong and both have plenty of skills to make this a mouth-watering clash right from the start.

They struggle and battle before London finally strikes first after skilfully trapping Vox in a camel clutch and, despite the long resistance, Vox is left with no choice but to tap out!

Vox isn’t the sort of fighter who takes that sort of thing lying down though and she immediately went on the attack herself and wrapped her long strong legs around London’s torso and squeezed.

Again, these was lengthy resistance from the victim and London did all she could to escape but sadly for her, not enough and the submission came.

This set the rest of the fight up very nicely indeed and the girls sure didn’t disappoint as the action continued at a great pace.

They exchanged more submissions which increased the excitement and used an array of moves on each other including head locks, pins, body scissors, breast smothers and grapevine pins.

There was plenty of chat between the two as well as they looked to get inside each other’s heads as well as dominate the body on the mats.

Both London and Vox seemed disappointed when this match ended as they were so engrossed - just as we were. There was a winner and to find out who, download this great fight to find out!

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