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London vs Veronica Venom

It can be demoralising for talented fighters to give it their all but still find themselves dominated by bigger and tougher opponents.

But when those bigger and tougher opponents mock you and your efforts, it truly adds salt to the wounds that have been inflicted!

Lovely London is a fabulous wrestler but she comes up against fellow beautiful blonde Veronica Venom who is clearly very confident prior to this Shiny Pro Ring Girls contest getting under way in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

Venom immediately shows off her power and takes London down before trapping her in a grapevine, stretching her legs to angles they really shouldn’t go in.

Things get even worse for London when she actually goes on the attack as Venom laughs in her face of her kicks and punches, pretending to cry and be hurt when they actually have had no impact!

“Stop toying with me” cries London. But we’re not sure that’s the best call though as when Venom starts, she gets vicious! There are knees to the stomach, hip tosses to the canvas, a stink face, ankle locks, punches and kicks while London finds herself being thrown all over the ring.

There is more insults in the form of Venom laughing in London’s face as the smaller girl goes on the attack. Even when Venom is in genuine bother, it doesn’t take her long to find a way out of it!

It seems Venom wanted to put on a show and she goes through her wide range to inflict a whole load of hurt on poor London whose efforts to fight back seem increasingly futile as the fight wears on.

By the end, London is left flat on her back reeling from such a beating while a triumphant Venom celebrates a real statement victory over her prone body!

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